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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

4.21.08 Jazz @ Rockets (McTeary Remix)

I wasn't sure how I would react to this game when it was all over.


1st Half: McTeary was unstoppable. The guy was truly playing suffocating defense. I felt like maybe he had it in him to step up to the plate and carry this team. Between him and Scola, I felt like they were walking all over the Jazz.

Where did Boozer go? I know he was saddled with foul trouble, but here is how I see it. Don't call a guy for a defensive foul unless he is actually trying to pay defense. All Booze Hound does is stand in front of the guy and wave his arms around (probably saying Booga booga under his breath). The opposing player then does what is called a FAKE to the right, and then redirects himself to the LEFT. He then gets an uncontested layup and Boozer tries to slap the ball out of his hands as a last resort, but instead leaves a massive welt on the opposing players wrist.

This is not defense. So why can you call it a defensive foul? Boozer is a turn table.

It was nice to see Memo get some of his mojo back for this game. He needs to be firing on all cylinders when we face the Lakers.

The first half was filled with Jazz jump shots and we're lucky we hit enough of them to keep a small lead going into half.

2nd Half: I completely expected McTeary to come out and drop 30 in the second half. I thought just maybe he had an ounce of leadership and heart in him to come out and give the fans what they are paying for. Not so much. The guy is a ghost in the second half. If you think we hate McTeary right now? Check out what The Dream Shake had to say. I rest my case.

Where did he go? Nachos? Churro? $9 beer? The guys just disappeared. I saw a guy wearing number 1 on the court, but McTeary was nowhere to be found. What a sad excuse for a superstar. ESPN makes him out to be a hero for 0:38 each night during SportsCenter, but they never mention how he has ZERO leadership skills and is a complete waste of talent.

A few thoughts on the "no calls" and the "flops".

The hit by Brooks that sent D-Will to the floor was a foul. It was a horrible call. Luckily, God recognized it and punished the Rockets by allowing them to miss the WIDE OPEN three that came as a result of the "no call".

The phantom foul by Scola....was a random call. I know Jazz fans might hate me, but how do they make that call with less than a minute left? All I can say is nice work by AK, he won us the game. Even AK admitted that he flopped 50% on that call.

From DesNews:

The Jazz had Kirilenko to thank for his work on Houston's preceding possession, which ended with a foul on Rockets forward Luis Scola which negated a 3-pointer from guard Bobby Jackson that would have tied the game at 85.

"It wasn't that huge (of a) foul, but Scola is holding me. I created a little bit more than it looks, but it was foul," Kirilenko said. "Let's say 50-50, but it was foul. In this situation, that's the right call. Because I was trying to get to McGrady in the corner, and Scola was just holding me."

Rockets coach Adelman, to say the least, was a bit miffed.
"Trying to get me fined," he said when asked about the play. "You can't say anything. You can't. All I can say is, you look at that play and ... he (Scola) put his hand on Kirilenko's shoulder.
"Kirilenko fell back like a truck just hit him, and you're going to make that call at that time of this game with just six seconds before Luis went to the basket and he got hammered? — I have a really hard time with that."

Oh well. Jazz win. This series is over.

Final Score: Jazz 90, Rockets 84

Let us know if anyone is interested in doing a Live Blog for Thursday's Game.

Really funny recap from Frank Layden Admirers...classic.


Ron Boone said...
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Ron Boone said...

I would love a live blog Thursday.
As for your post. Great post. Did Adelman have anything to say about the other calls the Rockets got away with? He has no room to complain the refs gave them every opportunity. I'm lucky my wife didn't hear the string of f-bombs I dropped after their phantom travel call on D-Will. Do they not remember Scola's four step stop & pivot in the last game? There were plenty of crap-calls to go around Adelman. The Media/Rockets refuse to accept the fact that we are a good team. The only way we are up in this series is because the Rockets are depleted and the refs are making bad calls. Let's get this series over with.

grungedave said...

I'll be the first to say the referees are not to blame for anything here. The Rockets, okay Tracy McGrady, just didn't feel like finishing tonight's game.

C.B. Jack said...

So would you agree that he needs to turn in his ESPN Superstar card?

grungedave said...

along with his gun and badge, yes.

C.B. Jack said...

Do you want him in a Houston Rockets uni next year?

Boozers Hammy said...

Hey Grunge, it is very refreshing to hear a reasonable fan put the blame where it lies and not on the refs. The refs sucked equally last night.

I was thinking that maybe Adelman screwed up on the way he rested Tracy last night. Why did he not pull him out with about 2 minutes in the first quarter and then get him back in the game about 1 or 2 minutes into the second quarter ala Derron Williams? You buy your player an extra 4 or 5 minutes rest between the quarters that way. Instead he took him out during the 2nd and 4th quarters for 2 or 3 minutes of game time, but no extra TV commercial rest. It was plain to see that Tracy was gassed (although that is not a very good excuse because D-Will played similar minutes and excelled in crunch time) and it seems that no one is questioning Adelman for that.

grungedave said...

Adelman screwed up by shortening his rotation. Yeah, I agree that Novak would not have helped. But Mike Harris is just the kind of player that could have gotten rebounds and created layups... instead he was glued to the bench.

NBA players get tired, I do understand that. But no one admits they got tired after a PLAYOFF game! That was the final straw for me and Tracy.

I still stand behind my statement that I wanted the Rockets to face Utah and get revenge. I just didn't realize Tracy wanted no part of a physical game.

UtesFan89 said...

I like the idea of a live blog too.

Scrumtrulescent said...

if ANYONE takes a broom to game 3, they should be instantly and without warning be swarmed and removed from a 30 mile radius of the ESA. There will be no tempting fate.

Scrumtrulescent said...

+10 for my grammar

Danielle said...

Is Boozer wearing the same suit that he was after the first game?? It looks very similar.

C.B. Jack said...

ONly guys who have houses in Miami can get away with owning two light colored suits.

Scrumtrulescent said...

This is a 100% true story:

My sister is a stylist and make-up artist. She told me about a month ago that she was doing a marketing thing for the Jazz. Tomorrow (the 23rd) is my bday. Guess who I got a bday call from about 10 minutes ago...Mr. Carlos Boozer. No joke.

moneyman memo said...

Are you serious??? C'mon, give us the play-by-play of the phone call Bolerjack-style!

Did you compliment him on his great defense against Yao Ming so far this series?

grungedave said...


your sis is a stylist and make-up artist... and even she can't make Boozer look human on my HDTV?

C.B. Jack said...


That is awesome. What did the conversation consist of? Did you send him to the blog? ;)

Scrumtrulescent said...

I totally blew it, I was basically stammering. "...Wow...thanks man..." "I hope you have a great day" (or something like that) "That's really cool of you..." "Well, I'll give you bcak to your sister" "thanks again."

I'm 100% sure that I looked like a total ass-clown

C.B. Jack said...

Who cares. That is awesome though. Congrats, and happy birthday.

kevin swiss said...

Check out his video response to the bitter rockets fan.