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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where did I get these articles? The internet...prison....bote.

Here are some good reads to kill some time while we wait for the Dallas game:


Most tiresome debate
Chris Paul vs. Deron Williams

So much of the ink spilled and words exchanged about any sport involve debating which player is better or which championship club would beat another one. It sells publications and draws viewers; it's fun. But it's also pointless, like trying to decide which young point guard is the NBA's best: Paul or Williams.

Both have their teams contending in the Western Conference. Both direct their teams like 10-year veterans instead of the third-year pros they are. And both will be All-Stars for years to come. Can't we all agree that they are both great? That any team would be lucky to have either player? In other words, must Bear vs. Shark have a winner? Both get the job done. Let's leave it at that.

From Hornets Hype

I am now dumber for having watched that game.

From Ball Don't Lie

Kyle Korver wants to sign your baby...

From The Mattness at Hardwood Paroxysm


From Nugg Doctor

Poor Nuggets. This is the result of a lifestyle of thuggary.

From Utah

More boring cliche quotes from Sloan. yawn...



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