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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Welcome Back Memo!

Good win for the Jazz last night. Although I was disappointed the Fezanator was not there, at least Memo decided to show up. Booze looked great too. I can't believe he actually played. Very Malone-esque wouldn't you say. I wonder if I should make a public apology for land blasting the guy the year he sat out. I thought it was a conspiracy and that he wanted nothing to do with Utah and their Mormon ways...but he has stepped it up and proven me wrong. Sorry Booze, I just got scared.
Anyway, on to tonight's game at Sacramento. I'm a little worried because these are the games we always struggle with. K. Martin is going to score his typical 60 on us but I feel we can pull it off. It will be stressful though (not near as stressful as my Pats last night. Thanks Pats for giving me two ulcers, three cankers and a nice hole in the living room wall.)
Anyway, my prediction Jazz 103-Queens 102. I'm already stressing about it. Dear Whistle, AKA Mr. Anxiety, don't watch this one. Or if you do, I would start popping the Zoloft.

Let's Do This - Booner

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Boozers Hammy said...

Thanks for the 1 game memory Memo!