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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jazz are worse than once thought

I do think bringing in korver was a good move, but we need a better defensive stopper. Memo on defense is beyond soft. The only thing he is good for is spreading the floor on offense. Well, not any more he has lost his money shot and is now shooting I.O.U.'s which we will never be repaid on. We need to trade him before he has no stock left. Oh wait that already happened.
As a jazz fan it pains me to say this but, Chris paul has never looked so good. Deron Williams will be lucky to get a single coach's all star vote. Because he won't be getting any fan votes. I hate the Jazz right now. I agree with Boler and I too will boycott the Jazz until they are at least 5 games above 500. At least on live t.v. so I can fast forward through missed layups, lazy passes and all defensive breakdowns.

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