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Saturday, December 1, 2007

ha-ha Kobe

If you tivo-ed that game last night, I suggest you keep it. That was maybe the closest thing you will ever see to perfect offensive basketball being played. Especially the first half. Just a few stats to back up my claim of perfection.

In the first half, the Jazz scored 70 points and only three buckets were made from outside the paint. If you minus the free throws I think that they had a total of about 50 points in the paint for the first half. I dont think the Jazz stopped their pre-game layup line, it just continued right into the real game. For the entire game the Jazz scored on 7 shots outside the paint and 4 three pointers for a total of 26 points. They also made 24 free throws so if you add the jump shot points and free throws together you get a total of 50 points. That means that the Jazz scored 70 points in the paint for the game. I just could not get over how easy it was for the Jazz to get inside on those pansies.

A few thoughts on D. Fisher's return. I am glad that he is not on our team now. He is no better than Jason Hart and we save a ton of money for D-Will. I really loved watching Derron fake him once or twice and then leave his old ass sitting at the three point line while he was scoring another bucket in the paint. That double cross over move D-Will is putting on guys is just sick.

One last thing, can we officially put Collins to sleep and let Fess take the back up center minutes? I was giggling with pure joy when he was in the game. He basically is a perfect fit for what the Jazz need down low. I am officially in Man-Crush mode with that guy. I will be interested to see if gets to stay up with the big boys for the rest of the season. I bet the owner of the Flash just threw up in his mouth watching his big money player do so well. They may as well scrap their entire marketing plan because I dont think Fess will be with them much.

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Ron Boone said...

The other thing I hate about the Media's Love affair with Kobe is even when we are beating the Lakers' ass, everytime they went to commercial or came back from commercial it's a Kobe highlight. Feel free to show anyone else. In fact, I would have rather seen Super Fan Sudberry and the High Five Club munching on Nachos and hot dogs with their shirts off.