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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Dear Santa,

I know that you’re little busy this time of season but as you can see our TEAM moral has hit an all-time low…Now I know people never ask or thank Santa for winning games, but maybe its time. I think the Jazz should try changing things up and ask for your help…Obviously defense, free-throw shooting, passing or basically the fundamentals are not working. Santa kids wish for cell phones, Ipods, Wii’s or anything that’s over $200(wishing I was a kid again), but as adults we want two things.. 1) Nookie(sorry but its true). 2) Jazz to play hard, plain and simple. Santa the problem is number two is really putting a damper on number one, don’t ask me why. So, Santa if you could find the time to help all Jazz Blogger’s this season we in return will bring down the Alamo…Thanks Santa.

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C.B. Jack said...

Not just Santa, let us ask baby Jesus and Grown up Jesus at the same time. And Allah just in case.