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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Boler Was Right

How about this Fez kid? I watched him a little with a D-team. He is a lot stronger than I thought he would be. I loved the unselfish pass on the fast break where he could of thrown it down, but he dished it to C.J. "The Handshake" Miles. Who does that anymore? That's right no one. I love this guy and his team first attitude. I also loved the post game interview with his shirt off. But, Ak stole the show. He has never looked happier than he did out there. Deron was great as expected. Milsap Played like an 8 footer. All around great game. Not to sound gay, but I had the I'm proud of these guys chills the whole game. I really think the Jazz should think about Memo's future with the team. This year he has had one good game.

Here's to the Jazz playing awesome, referee's falling down, Brewer licking his lips, Gordon on the bench, and the Jazz winning the title.

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