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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I need to get this off my chest

1 - Eff you refs! (47 free throws for the Kings, 22 for the Jazz.)
2 - Eff you John Salmons! (You are not that good, just got lucky lst night.)
3 - Eff you Ron Artest! (He's just a dux bag.)
4 - Eff you the guy sitting behind Boler and Boone all night saying "In your face Sloan" so loud that everyone could hear it!
5 - Eff you Brad Miller! (You are not black, stop wearing corn-rows and head bands.
6 - Eff you Jazz defensive effort! (Thanks for not even trying to stop somebody last night)

OK, now I feel a little better. However, I am officially scared to see what happens against San Antonio if that is how the Jazz are going to be playing on this road trip. I hope Sloan lights them up like Temple Square at practice today. I bet he breaks the all time record for most F-bombs in a sentence. And just when I thouhgt that bench might be okay, they get hammered by John Salmons and Francisco Garcia.


Ron Boone said...

Did it bug anyone else to here them say Sal-mons all night too. Isn't the "L" silent. Maybe it isn't I don't know but I was pertinere ready to shoot the next person that said Sal-mons. Oh and why we are on that subject at what point do you think Kenny Mayne and other ESPN boys are going to realize that it is Deron not DeeRon? Does that annoy anyone else? Anyhow, I'm scared about this road trip too. I'm not trying to be negative but we may lose three or four in a row. I hope I ear my words.

Ron Boone said...

"eat my words" sorry, not ear my words. I had M. Bassham type my last email. LITTLE CREASERS!