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Monday, December 10, 2007

Debbie Downer

I realize I am kicking every Jazz fan while they are down, but this is the only way I get to vent. I tried to vent my Jazz frustrations on my wife but after thirty minutes of straight venting all she had to say was...."I didn't know you even liked Jazz music."
Anyway, one thing I have learned over the last week is that we just aren't a championship caliber team yet. I really though we might have been but after losing to the Kings, Spurs and Mavs the way we did, I just don't think we are there yet. Maybe I should not have held them on such a pedestal, but I did....only to have the pedestal kicked right out from underneath them.
So, from here on out I am lowering my expectations. Probably too low actually. I am not counting on winning the division, but a good second place finish coupled with a 6th or 7th playoff seed will do.
R.I.P Old expectations, you will be missed.
P.S. Here are my thoughts on last week. (There is some positive stuff here so if you haven't already slit your wrists, continue on.)

Positive Thoughts:
1. Deron Williams is the sh*#!
2. I might get tix to tomorrow nights game
3. We are still in the top ten of this weeks Power Rankings....meeting my expectations:
4. Boozer is good too

Negative Thoughts:
1. I hate Manu the Flopper
2. See ya Memo.
3. Manu is a Dux
4. I do not wish injuries on many, but I hope Manu blows his knee out flopping and never plays basketball again.
5. I might not get tix to tomorrow nights game

Mixed Thoughts:
If Manu is available, we should try and get him.

Seasons Greetings,



Boozers Hammy said...

Lovin the shoulder hair! I really dont understand one thing with the Jazz. Why is it that no one will step up and take on that Antoine Carr kick you in the ass role? Why can't Jaron Collins decide that in his 8 minutes of playing time per night he is going to get 5 fouls and everyone one of them is going to be borderline flagrant? At least I would feel better that Manu is getting his teeth kicked in while scoring 40 on us.


Green Eggs and Boozers Hammy

C.B. Jack said...

Love the red zits on his forehead and cheek