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Monday, August 25, 2008

Thanks for the Memories Beijing...

There is one thing the Olympics have taught me. Even small market guys can get big time pub.

Bob McClaren (Deron's agent) has taught Deron how to become a superstar in a small market....see below

"If you have an opportunity to be in a commercial with Kobe, Lebron, Dwight and it. Even if you have to hold a damn banjo."

"Get in photo shoots with current world icons. Even the goofy looking ones."

"Always stand next to Lebron and you will be in at least three times as many
publications as you would by yourself."

"If the best NBA players in the world are standing for a picture with Coach K? Put your arm around him like he's your father-in-law...even if CP3 gives you the evil eye."

"When posing for photos with CP3...always position yourself in front of him. No matter what."

"When the team gathers around should-be-Gold-Medal winner Doug Collins to put a Gold medal around his neck, make sure you give him your medal so you look unselfish and respectful to those Olympians who went before you."
(This is my favorite picture by the way.)

So there you go. If you are a young potential superstar but stuck in a small market town, just hook up with Bob McClaren and watch what he can do to your career.


Booner said...

Great Post/Great Pics! Those are great. I love the Phelps/D-Will pic.
As for Boozer, well Booze-Hound, you now know exactly how I felt my entire athletic career.

Hammy said...

Love it! And I really love that our boy D-Will at least makes it look like he gives a damn about the community, the game and his teamates. We all know he's most likely hit the strip clubs and getting some "AK Freebies", but at least when the camera is on he makes us proud. Very classy move if did indeed put his gold medal on Doug Collins. That is something that a true leader does.

I want to throw this out there for discussion and may even try to find some time to put together a post about it, but considering that this 2008 team USA had to play against the best competition ever in the Olympics and more or less walked all over the opposition, can we begin to compare them to the 1992 Dream Team and possibly even say that they could win a best of 7 series against them? I might be able to talk myself into believing that thought fully with some more investigation.

C.B. Jack said...


Yes, D-Will did give his to Doug Collins. Look at D-Will and you'll see he is the only one without a medal on his neck.

As for the Dream Team vs. Redeem Team.

The Dream Team was dominant down low. I can't see Boozer/Howard/Bosh holding their own against David Robinson/Patrick Ewing/Charles Barkley. The backcourt and wings might be a push....might be.

Overall I think it's safe to say that the Dream Team would take a 7 game series in 5.

daxiaojie said...

LOL. great post.

Adam said...

Good stuff, man. The CP3 evil eye was especially funny.

Booner said...

I say Dream Team in 6. I echo C.B.'s reasoning as well as the fact that I never saw M.J. lose a game/series of any significance. (In his prime.) But I am still trying to decide who I would root for.

Booner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
grungedave said...

Gotta give props to Deron... I hate the Jazz, but he's a stand-up character.

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