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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finally sitting at the cool-kids' table!

All your worst nightmares have come true, I am an official contributor to My Utah...True Blue....this blog!

First, a little background: I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, I went to high school in Murray (but not AT Murray) and later went to the U of U where I graduated in Economics in 2005. I worked for a year before enrolling in law school out here in the midwest. I have one more year to go so I guess I should start harassing KOC now for a job. I don't have a wife or girlfriend, I have an XBox instead.

My first memories of the Jazz were during the '95 playoffs when we lost to the Rockets in the first round. The first time I remember being crushed by a defeat was game 7 in Seattle in the '96 playoffs. Since then I have been nothing short of fanatical. As a class officer at my Jr. High, I instituted Utah Jazz Day, where students would be rewarded by wearing Jazz gear. The family eventually splurged on season tickets, but we managed to pick a not-so-good season, the very forgettable (aside from the 6-1 start) '04-'05 26-win season. I was living downtown at the time and going to the games was both easy and fun, I believe I managed to go to 25 games that year.

Since arriving here at school in 2006, my Jazz fever has intensified. Without my fellow Jazz fans around I felt like I needed to overcompensate. So I bought TONS of Jazz gear and, sadly, had to resort to staring at my computer while waiting for the game updates on ESPN. I have attended both Jazz away games out here (1 win, 1 loss) and will definitely be there for the next one. The one thing that I wish I had done earlier, and WILL be doing this season, is subscribing to Comcast's NBA League Pass. I will finally be able to watch more than 7 Jazz games!

I hope I will bring another interesting voice to this great blog. I do have some inside info on some of the players, though. For example, did you know that Matt Harpring played football in high school? It's true; in fact, he comes from a family of football players! Finally, my favorite Jazz player of all time is John Stockton, but really, this is like asking a Bulls fan who their favorite player is. Do we really expect them to say anyone but Jordan?

Thanks again to C.B. Jack, I look forward to many good discussions and Laker-bashing. GO JAZZ!


Amar said...

Congrats Scrumtrulescent! I've updated my link to this blog on my blog . . . take a look at my back, maybe you could link to me as well?

Go Jazz!

C.B. Jack said...

It's great to have you on Scrum. Here's looking to many a great post from you.

To All:

If you would like to be a True Blue Jazz blogger, simply mails us your drivers license, social security card, 10 blank checks, your credit history, a utility bill, and your mother's maiden name. We will then pass the information to our team and see if you qualify.


The TBJ Staff

Hammy said...

Welcome aboard Scum, I feel like our team is rounding into form now. With Scrum on board we are just like the real Jazz and now have 6 shooting guards and no real center to anchor our defense. Maybe the boys over at the Dream Shake would like to come on board and keep our "blue tinted" glasses in check. I cant wait for the over the top, completely biased, unrealistic expectations to begin.

Booner said...

I think it's important C.B., that we emphasize that they don't send copies, they send the actually Drivers License, etc. Trust us guys.

Welcome Scrum, we look forward to faking like we are a legitimate source of Jazz Basketball with you.

Oh and Regarding Matt Harpring: That's interesting. That explains his football-player mentalilty.

P.S. Hammy is already working on the over/under for "times football and Harpring are mentioned in the same sentence" next year.

Hammy said...

I talked to Vegas about the over under and they would not take the bet. They said that their computers are not able to display a number big enough on the betting board.

Booner said...


(you can always swear on previous posts because no one looks)

UtesFan89 said...

Kinda late on this, but Congrats Scrum!

UofTOrange said...

Not you too Scrum! I was still hoping some of y'all would realize the horrors of being a Utah Jazz fan, but there goes another one, in for the long haul ;-)