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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

and Lakers fans call us Classless?

Isn't that none other than Lakers star Pau Gasol 3rd from the left?
Feel free to comment Lakers fans.
Stay Classy Spain.
Hey Raul Lopez #6. We don't miss you.


Booner said...

Don't they own little bro Gasol too? He may have been traded though. Either way, nice work Spain. I love how not one guy said, "umm guy's, don't you think this might bite us in the ass?"

Hammy said...

Can you imagine what the firestorm that would have happened if the US team would have done that? We would have been kicked out of the games. I want to hear how the Laker fans are going to defend thier own on this one? Booing Derek Fisher or insulting 1/5 of the earths population, which is worse?

grungedave said...

Uhhh, so long as your beloved Utah Jazz employ one "Boozer, Carlos" - you aren't really in a position to rip on other players/teams for lacking "class."

Besides, being classy is boring and overrated. And doesn't win you rings (not that you'd know anything about that!). ;-)

C.B. Jack said...



Booner said...

They'll spin it saying it was Raul Lopez's idea and he learned this type of behavior while living in Utah.

P.S. Dear Grungedave, go to and read what just happened to Ron Artest.

P.S.S. Scared you for a little bit didn't I?

Hammy said...

We fully admit that Booze is classless dude and are expecting him to screw us over so no big deal there. Besides, our beef with being classless is with the Lakers, not the Rockets. The only thing that would be better than Pau Gasol doing something stupid and classless is if we hear that Kobe is sleeping around with hookers in China. There is still time Kobe, you know you want to do it.