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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hey Ronnie, quit toying with my emotions

Yes, I realize that this is my 3rd post in 24 hrs. I am overachieving a bit here so please don't expect this throughout the year.

On Siler and Luhm's blog there's a great discussion with Ronnie Price. Ronnie states, in no uncertain terms, that he was basically BFF with Jason Hart. Not only that, but Hart was his "guardian angel." I love Ronnie, I do not love Jason. But this makes me feel bad for the constant beratement and general hatred of Jason.
Jason Hart was one of my best friends on the team. From that
standpoint, I'm happy for Jason because he's back home in L.A. with his
family. He gets to sleep in his own bed at night. So it's kind of a
blessing in disguise for him. He's been like a guardian angel to me
these past three years that I've been in the league. He's been there
and helped me grow a lot mentally. He's helped me with a lot of mental
aspects of this game. I'm just thankful that I've had him around long
enough so I could learn as much as I've learned from him.

Q: When I was talking to Jason, he was saying, "Please remind everybody that Ronnie and I are actually really good friends."

A: I'm telling you, great friends. Like I said, he's been a guardian
angel. There's so many mental up and downs that you can face in this
game, when you get to this level of basketball. The character that
Jason has and the man that he is has been special. If you watch, he's
my biggest fan when I'm on the court and I'm his biggest fan when he
was on the court. And I think that's the way it's supposed to be as
teammates in this league. If not, you can drive yourself crazy.

C'mon Ronnie! Why couldn't you just say that he was a total downer, or that he tortured small animals? Now I almost feel bad that he's gone! Almost.


UtesFan89 said...

God Scrum... 3 posts in 24 hours?
And this is the off-season... at a point where the Jazz seem to be done making moves.

Keep this up during the season and my google reader is going to drop dead. (Yes, I know a digital website RSS feed reader can't die, but still.)

Not that that's a bad thing... though you're making me feel bad about not updating... and I don't even post on the same blog as you. :)

Booner said...
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Booner said...

Well, utesfan, let us know what it is going to take to bring you over to the the trueblue.

Rumor has it
is pulling a Favre on you right now and trying to run you out. When you are ready to settle in, will be here for you. And just think, with Scrum posting like a mad-man, you'll only need to put one together every six months.

Nice Post Scrum. Thanks for carrying us.

C.B. Jack said...

Ronnie started to get me worried when he used the word "Mental" three times in one paragraph.

I still hate Shart. He did nothing for us. Nothing.

As for Ronnie? I'm not sold on him as a point guard. But I guess it's good to have a different style of play that can come off the bench.

UtesFan89 said...

But one every 6 months isn't very appealing. Too much time to plan out a post lowers the quality, I think. Maybe. Or maybe not.

Hammy said...

So who is going to take the Sharts place in our world? I really did enjoy blasting him for 2 months strait until Jerry got his head on strait and sent him to the dog house. My vote is CJ Miles.

Hammy said...

Scrum is like our very own prized free agent pick up who comes out of the gates with 5 strait 20-10 games and all the fans start going nuts and buying his jersey. Lets see how long he can keep the streak alive. I'm pulling for you man!

UtesFan89 said...

I say Collins.
Or Harpring.

Scrumtrulescent said...

It's GOT to be Collins.