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Friday, August 8, 2008

LHM is still alive, barely

Larry Miller was released from the hospital today after nearly 60 days. LHM suffered a heart attack and his subsequent recovery was hampered by his diabetes. He is using a wheelchair for the time being due to atrophy in his legs. Apparently he almost died several times while hospitalized. It's pretty clear why his businesses were put under his son's control. Glad to have you back! After all, we know you.

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C.B. Jack said...

Nice to have you back Larry. I will say that Greg needs to start crying at press conferences though. It's just not the same without the tears. Also, let's hope he convinces his son Greg to go into the luxury tax to bring home a world championship.

On a serious note. LHM has done a lot for the community and Jazz. It's good to see him back at home.