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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sign Him Already!

If you are like me, you've been clicking on,,, etc. every two minutes waiting for that "Breaking News: Jazz sign Deron Williams." But still, nothing. It took the Hornets 15 minutes to ink CP3 up, what are we doing? I am about as impatient as they get but this is ridiculous. My biggest fear is that he is going to head out to the Olympics and we still won't have a deal.

Does anyone have any insight here? I've searched Insider Reports, listened to Sports Radio 24/7 as well as tapped phone lines and still can't get a freaking bone here.
Enough with the Rocky Mountain Revue, tell me what the deal is with Priority #1. Yes, I am excited about the Review, but honestly, what are Jazz fans more excited about, the Jazz beating the Iranian National Team or the Jazz signing D-Will.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, you know damn well Ronnie Brewer and Ronnie Price told Fez it's still cool to bleach your hair. In fact, I tapped that phone conversation:

Brewer: Fez, you oughta bleach your hair mane?

Fez: No, that maybe cool in 90's.

Price: What? No, it's still hot man.

Fez: You sure? I don't see American do bleach no more really.

Price/Brewer: Trust us on this one. It's still cool.

Fez: Well, if you say cool it is. I bleach.

Nice work Fez.

Anyhow, on to the real reason I was writing. Let's wrap this up already Jazz. Don't try to play hard-ball, just make it happen and make it happen quick. Contrary to what a lot of you Jason Hart fans think, D-Will is the key to the teams success for years to come so it's time to seal the deal.



Booner said...

Sh#@! Posey just signed with the Hornets. Let's do something Jazz.

moneyman memo said...

Booner, I am just like you. The fact that the Jazz haven't signed him is keeping me awake at night. What is the gosh-darned delay all about?? Who cares about the new CBA, it didn't stop CP3 from being signed. I don't buy this hogwash that his agent is spewing about "we're hopeful this.." and "we expect to get it done..."

What the hey, KOC?

Hey, has anybody entertained the idea of Atlanta doing a sign-and-trade of Josh Smith for AK47? Apparently Smith doesn't want to play for Mike Woodson anymore, so how about going extreme towards the crusty-cranky-old-school coach type and come to Utah? Man thinking about D-Will to J-Smoove alley-oops makes me smile...

Adam said...

Two things:

I agree 100%, and that "phone conversation" was hilarious.

UtesFan89 said...

Deron is signed now.
Terms haven't been released yet, but his agent stated that "everyone will be happy". 4 years or 5?