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Friday, July 25, 2008

4 yrs. of Depression.

Well Hammy, time to start cooking up that turd sandwich.

"If the Jazz match that offer sheet I will personally deliver a
turd sandwich to Kevin O'Conner. " -Hammy

You don't mind if I bring a little camcorder along for YouTube purposes do you?,5143,700245985,00.html

I am bitter. I am so fed up with CJ. Just so you know, the Jazz cannot do a sign and trade. He WILL be in a Jazz uniform for at least the first year of the contract. What on earth was K'OC thinking?

Reasons this was a dumb move:

-CJ Miles does not want to be in Utah
-Jerry Sloan does not like the guy.
-I hate the guy.
-Where will the money for Milsap and Brewer come from?
-If Kyle Korver opts to stay the last year of his contract, when will CJ get minutes?

I just don't get it. Please feel free to leave a comment and explain to me why this makes sense. I would love to hear all the CJ Miles homers (BiasedFan) come and support this absurd move.

Score: CJ 15.8M, Jazz Brass 0

I hope CJ's agent just laughs his way to the bank.


Hammy said...

I am going to eat Mexican and smoked ribs tonight for dinner. Anyone know where Kevin lives?

What the hell are they thinking? They have to have some other deals on the back burner to do that. Please, please, please tell me that this means AK is getting traded.

UtesFan89 said...

I think that this is a highly stupid move unless...
1- AK or No Knees is getting traded
2- J-Slow realizes that CJ needs time to develop... time that No Knees doesn't need (and one of AK/No Knees is dealt during/after this season).

If there is no corresponding move, this is going to look very stupid.

Basketball John said...

We've seen Hart leave. Perhaps this will mean a Collins/Harp departure as well. CJ should be getting minutes at the 2 & 3.

Otherwise, Almond is stuck now.

There has to be something else going on. KOC wouldn't make this move otherwise I don't think. He's in Vegas right now at the Olympic game.

Danielle said...
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Danielle said...

Just as long as Kyle stays I'll be happy. I think there are going to be some interesting trades in the next few days and I just pray that one of them involves Matty, Collins or preferably both.

Booner said...

Thanks Kevin. Got any more block-buster moves up your sleeve?

Whistle said...

I like the move. I would much rather play him then Almond. A.K. will be gone at the end of his contract. I also think Korver is a good shooter but a bit overrated.

david said...

If you're going to have a blog on the Jazz, maybe you ought to spring for League Pass and watch the games.

The only people who don't know what a smart move the Jazz made in matching Miles' offer are people who clearly didn't see Miles play except sporadically.

Even the boxscore fans know what Miles did between 12/15 and 1/10 when he got consistent minutes. But the boxscore fans didn't see all the other attributes of his game.

He's going to be a star in the league.

At the very least, he's probably 10 times the player Almond is now or will ever be which makes the Jazz FO decision that much easier.

C.B. Jack said...

Hi David,

I have not missed a single Jazz game from start to finish in 4 years. I was a 3 year ticket holder. I have watched CJ from his debut at the RMR.

He is not worth 15M. Why did Miles play sporadically? Because he is extremely inconsistent.

"He is going to be a star in the league"...are you kidding me? No, seriously, are trying to get banned from this blog forever?

Perhaps you should get League Pass and watch other teams aside from the Jazz and learn to spot a "star" in this league, because CJ will NEVER be a "star".

CJ will be a better player than Almond? Good point. And My Utah Jazz will never be as popular as ESPN.

If you are going to bring that smack to our house, come prepared.

With love,

CB Jack

Scrumtrulescent said...

is this why the Jazz matched?

Scrumtrulescent said...

Des News article

Booner said...

Thanks David. Let us know the costs of League Pass etc, and where to sign up. I am sure this will give us more opportunities to watch CJ "The next Michael Jordan" Miles put in his 10 min a game.

P.S. Hey Scrum, what are your thoughts from that article? Do you think D-Will had a lot of say in Utah matching that offer?

Scrumtrulescent said...

I think that because it made NO sense to match the offer that Deron must have had a hand in it. We are so overloaded at the 2/3 position that I'm surprised we even gave CJ a qualifying offer. I think Deron is stepping up as a true leader and saying, "you might have to take a small paycut, but this team can win a championship, how bad do you want it?"

Scrumtrulescent said...

I mean that Deron is saying that to the players, and saying "I need this guy to win" to the Jazz brass, hence the matching offer

angrybilly said...

This site is clownshoes. Getting harder to hate CJ by the day, isn't it? I knew nobody here actually watched games.