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Friday, July 18, 2008

C-YA CJ & D-Will is Locked Up (kind of...)

CB Jacks biggest dream is coming true, CJ Miles is leaving town and dude is going to get paid too. Apparently the ownership of the newly created Oklahoma City Scam Jobbers team think CJ is worth 15 million over 4 years. If the Jazz match that offer sheet I will personally deliver a turd sandwich to Kevin O'Conner. I think at best with CJ you are getting a 15 minute per night player who averages 7 points per game and might go off for 25 points every now again. When it is all said and done I am so happy that pin-heads running the players formerly know as the Sonice are making the CJ issue go away. I just don't understand how a career 42% shooter with a scoring average of 4 points per game is worth 15 million dollars. Most NBA GM's are just plain dumb. I am going to miss the pre-game handshakes though.

Moving onto the bigger and better story of the day, our boy D-Will is locked up for 4 more years. This is very good news for the Jazz and possibly even better news for Jazz fans. I personally think that D-Will made the smart move for him and for us as fans by taking the 3 years with an option. By signing this deal he will force the Jazz brass to stay competive and keep improving the team or their golden boy is going to bail. It may even make them think twice about going into luxury tax land if means getting the right player to put the team over the top.

I heard David Locke of KFAN 1320 bring up another good point about this contract that I think is a very important one. When this contract is up Deron will be 28 years old and assuming the CBA stays the same can then can sign another deal for 6 years at that point taking him to 34 years old. On that last contract he would be making potentially 30 million per year in the last 2 years of the deal as a 33 and 34 year. If he would have signed for 5 years today he would be getting that 24 - 30 million as a 35 and 36 year old and history has shown that point guards start to get dramatically worse after turning 34. Want some recent proof? Jason Kidd was 34 last year and most of his major stats went down, would you want to be paying him 21 million next year? Gary Payton turned 34 or 35 when he joined the Lakers and his points per game went from 20 the year prior and then to 15 with Lakers and then to 11 and then to 7 and then to 5. The point is point guards don't age well after they get past that 33-34 year old stage and if you are paying that point guard 30 million you have seriously handicapped your team.

P.S. - I was going to write something about game 1 of the Rocky Mountain Revue but apparently the piss poor play against the Spurs carries over for our Review team as well. Good effort boys and thanks for keeping the tradition of getting your heads kicked in by the Spurs alive.


Booner said...

Good to see OKC getting off to the right start. Next up, signing Mark Madsen to a 4 Year/50 Million Deal.

Booner said...

By the way, forgive my ignorance, but what is a "player option?" I think it's one of those things that everyone fakes like they understand but deep down they are like "what in the hell is that." Then when someone asks you what it is, you immediately fake like your cell phone is ringing and defer to the next guy.

C.B. Jack said...

Later CJ. Don't ever come back...ever.

I can't believe what the Thunder are thinking signing CJ "Happy Hands" to a 4 year deal. I bet he already has a shake ready for Kevin Durant.

CJ: Hey Kev, let me introduce you to..."Rolling Thunder"

Kevin: First off my name is Kevin. Second off, thanks for not staying at U of T and taking any of my pub. Third, don't ever name a handshake "Rolling Thunder" or I'll have your a$$ sent back to the D-League.

CJ: (laughing) You da bomb Kevin, you da bomb.

Kevin: You're a douch bag dude.

Brian said...

no real loss, watch for a sign and trade.

The Crotty Kid said...

Great point about Deron's age when his contract is up. Having a 34-year old point guard with a huge contract is dicey, but doable. Having a 36-year old point guard with a huge contract is a nightmare.