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Friday, July 25, 2008

Morris, Morris, Morris.....

Is it really that hard for Morris Almond to play a little defense or even pass the ball. That is all Sloan wants to see but for some reason Morris thinks the more he scores the more minutes he will get. If Almond had a brain he would of tried getting assists, steals, and rebounds. He is a black hole and will rarely see the floor this upcoming season. He is soft and is extremely lazy on defense. It really makes you appreciate guys like Harpring.
As far as Fes and Kosta they looked bad. I had high hopes for both of them. Let's be honest Kosta will be lucky to stay in the league for more than a few seasons. and Fes is Fes, happy but doesn't have a clue.
The revue guys looked bad and will not have any impact on the Jazz team at all.
P.S. Did you know Kosta middle name is Ken.



UtesFan89 said...

I think you're being too hard on Koufos. He looked alright, and he's just 19. He needs a bit of work on his defensive presence, and needs to work on his shooting (he was at like 30%, if I'm correct). He did have quite a few times where he altered shots and all on the defensive end, and pulled down his share of boards.

Fesenko... no idea what's up with him. One year in the NBDL... and he looked even worse in the RMR than last year.

Almond's D looked improved, at least compared to last year, but that's not saying much. As for assists... kinda hard when the Jazz RMR squad is probably the worst NBA summer league squad out there.

Kassing Family said...
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Kassing Family said...

Jaron Collins never looked so good. Did anyone see the game where D-Will was harraasing Almond for having a goose-egg in the assist column?
Its cool though, who needs Almond? We get CJ for 4 more. Good to see you bringing controversy back Whistle!