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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Post Draft Offseason Plan

Its time to get into the trade phase for the Jazz because I can't imagine that they would try and sign any free agents this year and I think there are two intriguing trades sitting right in front of our faces.

First Trade - why not work out a sign and trade with the Clippers for Maggette? Have the Clips sign Maggette to a 4 or 5 year deal worth about 9 million per year (which would be about 3 or 4 million more per year than any other team besides Philly, Memphis and Golden State could offer him as a free agent) and send AK packing. We would have to take back Tim Thomas in the deal, but he is only on the hook for 2 more years at about 6 million per instead of the 3 years at 17 million per that we owe AK. So after two years the Jazz would net 7 million in salary to give to Deron and Milsap.

If this was the only move the Jazz made you would see the most dynamic, powerful offensive team in the last 15 years of the NBA. Three legitimate 20 point scorers, two guys who can create their own shots and get to the line at will and think of how many open 3's Memo would get because teams would have to guard Maggette unlike AK. I don't know how good Maggette's D is, but could the Jazz really get worse there? Besides, it is the interior D that is the big problem for the Jazz and Maggette would be guarding swing guys. There is also the real possibility that Boozer is going to bolt after next year and Maggette could help fill the scoring void that would be created if that happens allowing the Jazz to go and find a stud low post defender and not worry so much about the offensive output from that position.

Second Trade - moving onto the great big gorilla in the room. I think that the Jazz need to seriously consider trading Boozer at this point if they even remotely think that he could bail on them after next year. They could get a kings ransom for him right now and set the team up to peak with a solid core during D-Wills prime. I would love to see the Jazz keep Boozer and Deron together, but Carlos has a shady past and Karma has a way of getting back to you so get out while you can if you start seeing any bad mojo coming our way. I would try talking with the Bobcats for a sign a trade with Emeka Okafor and put a serious upgrade on the low post defense.

Imagine going forward with D-Will, Brewer, Maggette, Okafor, Okur, Milsap and Korver. I think that we would get at least one good big man from the Fesenko/Kofus combo and another good scorer off the bench from the Almond/Miles combo as well. That would give the Jazz a solid 9 man rotation for years to come.

Some other trade chips that the Jazz could put into play would be the Knicks pick next year, and both Jaron Collins and Jason Shart have expiring contracts that other teams would like to get ahold of. It would be a pretty major change up if the Jazz could pull off those two trades, but I feel that the Jazz would be a more complete team long term if they could pull it off.


The Napster said...

Good ideas, but they'll never trade Boozer. D-Will hopes he'll saty and the staff has made too big a deal comparing the duo to Stockton and Malone to just trade him away. Not gonna happen. I would like it to, but it won't.

The Crotty Kid said...

I think Boozer's value is extremely low right now. Everyone in the league expects him to opt out next year, so why trade value for him just to have him for a year?

Also, picking up Kirilenko would likely mean that the Clippers can't keep Brand.

C.B. Jack said...

Boozer would have a high value because someone would want to write him off of their books at the end of next year.

cap space.

He is undervalued as to his output and what he is making. Someone would pick that up for a year in a heartbeat.

Booner said...

I like the look of both trades and that would be incredible if it happened. I think the idea of Maggette is fading fast though. Especially when I see Boston and San Antonio both want him. Oh well, lets cross our fingers.
I agree with C.B. and Hammy on Boozers value. I think avid Jazz fans are the only people that feel like his stock has gone down. No question we could get somthing significant for Boozer right now and I am all for it. So, C.B. do you mind giving other NBA Execs Booze-Hounds Digits?

C.B. Jack said...

Why yes I could. I do have his cell phone you know....for real....

Hammy said...

The money actually works for the Clippers under my trade proposal. Right now they have 28 mil in salaries on the books. With the trade the Jazz pick up 6 million from Thomas so that leaves them with 22 mil. 13 mil is going to Barron, figure on 15 for Brand and AK is at 15 for next year add it all up and they are at 63 mil total still under the luxury tax.

Regarding Boozers value, name 3 other players in the league that have had back to back 20-10 seasons. It is true that he had a bad post season, but the year before he was a beast. If the Jazz put him on the block officially every team in the league would call. I hope that we can keep him, like I said if you see any signs of him bolting, get rid of him before he can leave you high and dry.

Booner said...

I can't beleive I make more than A.K., Baron and Brand. Crazy shi#.

The Hypocritical One said...

The Jazz will trade Boozer---count on it. Perhaps not this off-season--maybe by the trade dead-line.
He will opt out for sure. There are 2 reasons why he would::

1-Sign with another team (Miami)--I don't think this would be his main reason for opting out.

2-Demand a much larger long-term deal. The Jazz (assuming he plays similar to this year) would have to fork out well over 100 million bucks to keep Boozer over the next 6 years. I don't think O'Connor will put out this type of money for an injury risk/playoff choker.

I love Okafor, but he wants 60 million over 5 years from the Bobcats. If we could package Jason "breaks my" Hart and get something like a Boykins back---pull the trigger.
D-Will putting up 24-10
Korver getting more involved with 15-5
Memo putting up 18-8
Millsap with 15-8
Okafor a double-double machine and would patrol the middle.

I'm in love with this lineup.

The Hypocritical One said...

Oh yeah...I forgot AK...He'll be with us for 2 more years, and then he'll be compared to "theo ratliff's expiring contract" in his last year.

Basketball John said...

Unless you are sure Boozer is going to leave, you don't trade him. First, this year will be another huge year for him magnified by the fact that it essentially is his free agent walk year. Putting up huge numbers will increase his value. It could also give him some incentive to play some D. Teams will probably line up to sign him regardless, but we can hope.

The dilemma this causes though is that while we want him to have a huge year, doing so will drive up his price and he'll want the max deal. If the Jazz want to do that, they're going to have to get rid of AK. That's not objectionable to most. And we might even get a young defensive player in return.

With all that said, Boozer will not be traded this year. The Jazz will make the playoffs again and they're not going to shake things up. But be prepared to hear about Boozer's contract every time there's a bit of a lull in the season. Next summer will be one of the craziest on record.