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Monday, September 15, 2008

NBA "Experts" Predictions Vs. Mine

"Someone please pay-us some attention. No one ever does."

First of all, Congratulations go out to C.B. Jack and his wife on the birth of their twin boys last week. Korver and Memo are doing well and should be heading home tomorrow. If you've seen the boys room and wardrobe it's safe to say Jazz Nation has just added two more fans. Congrats C.B. Jack and Family.

Anyhow, while reading the latest on the NFL I happened to accidentally hit "NBA" while surfing today and came across this: (I say accidentally because, due to lack of activity, there has been no reason to view that page for over a month now.)

A page full of predictions by NBA experts. Doesn't look like the Jazz are getting much love, or I should say, any more love than they ever get. I won't spoil any of the predictions, I'll let you click through them, but don't get your hopes up.

Not that we have reason to expect anything more than what we have done over the last two years. We have done very little to add to D-Will's team. Is there a deal in the works? I doubt it, but I'll keep crossing my fingers.

I hate to continue the negative post, but my biggest complaint in all of this is the lack of respect Deron Williams receives. Every year, every article, it's Kobe, Lebron, CP3 and D-Wade. Blah, blah, blah. At some point they HAVE to throw D-Will's name out there. Yes, we are the lowly Jazz from tiny-market SLC. But please, the guy needs to be mentioned and mentioned fast before these so-called "experts" start losing credibility. Fee free to think outside of the token four or five stars and look at other players who carry their team. Yes, I am a D-Will Homer, all of us Jazz fans are. But no more is it simply because he is the best player on a sub-par team. He is the best player on a very good team.

There, I feel better now. I figured if there was anyone I could vent to it would be my fellow Jazz homers.

Here are my un-biased predictions for the 2008-2009 Season:

Western Conference Champs: Utah Jazz

NBA Champs: Utah Jazz

MVP: Deron Williams

Rookie of the Year: Deron Williams (He's still eligible, I looked it up)

Coach of the Year: Hubie Brown (Sloan gets snubbed again as Hubie comes back to coach the T-Wolves to a .500 season.)

See, those are as fair and un-biased as they get. Please leave your predictions in the comment field. Go Jazz!



Slamajama said...

How can Deron win the ROY this year?

Booner said...

Sarcasm slamajama, sarcasm.

Hammy said...

While we are at it, I predict that D-Will wins Most Improved, Defensive Player of the Year and write in Republican candiate for President of the United States.

Booner said...

...only to be beat by Chris Paul by a single vote.

Boyd said...

How much praise does D-Will really need to please you damn Jazz fans. Most people in the National Media now rate him as the 2nd or 3rd best point in the league. That's pretty high praise.

BTW, nice blog. I like the Jazz and will be checking it out.

Boyd said...

Oh, and the funniest part of this whole thing was when you referred to "Jazz Nation" as if such a thing exhists.

You slay me.