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Sunday, September 21, 2008

I present to you...your Denver Thuggetts!

Our thuggish ruggish friends at the Nugg Doctor put together a nice little clip of our handsome boys Kyle and Andrei. Considering the fact that High School Musical 3 was filmed about 5 minutes away from both of their houses, this is probably a little more real than the Nugg Doctor realized. Also, don't forget that Andrei does get one "free pass" from Masha...

I found this video thanks to the Denver Narcotics Unit and guess who we found all looking for a quick fix...three of your beloved Denver Thuggets!

So without further adieu...get excited Denver Nuggets fans...Here are the players who will lead you to the 10th spot in the West this season!!

(see video in post below)

I hate you Denver Nuggets.

Let's get the season started!

Oh and let's start preparing for the Denver fans crying about how Melo will be suspended for the season's an idea. Don't drink and drive and perhaps you will get to play in more games.


Hammy said...

I completely missed the Denver Nuggets signing of Chris "Bird Man" Anderson. Apparently the Nuggets wanted to have some sort of tie in to the white wanna-be gangsta/drug abuser demographic. I can't wait to see how this plays out. Melo, AI and Birdman coming to a state pen near you soon.

Booner said...

Nice work and nice to have you back C.B. Any post that throws the Thuggets under the bus is a post for me. Plus the introduction to that JibJab site has got me through work today.

UofTOrange said...

Don't know where to post this in your comments, but I hereby take back my comment that Jazz fans are the most intolerable. I might actually love you guys now...

C.B. Jack said...

Lee, how why would you expect anything different from a Lakers blog? They are ok to work with, but their readers are absolutely insane.

I couldn't help but comment. Sorry but there is some Rocket trash talking in there. I know the Rockets are going to be good, but for reals...get out of the first round and then I will start giving some respect.

You on the other had my respect at "hello".

BFF Lee ;)

UofTOrange said...

Hey, like I said about 800 times in that exchange, my opinion is just that, my opinion. I can fully admit that the Rockets could implode with "No Layups" and injuries.