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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Denver > SLC? Depends who you ask.

Once again I post in an effort to keep the healthy rivalry we have with the NuggDoctor and Denver McNuggets fans in general alive. The season opener is October 29th when our Utah Jazz will play host to the Carmelo Anthony-less Denver Nuggets. One of the NuggDoctors readers (The persons name is Kayce so it seems to be more of a female spelling to me) decided to post his/her thoughts on how The SLC has an inferiority complex to Denver. I can't resist. Let's discuss each claim and then follow it with a fact.

Claim #1: Denver fans claim they would rather have this guy

and this guy

and this guy

playing for them rather than AK and Korver.

Domestic Assault + DUI + Violating the NBA drug policy = Your Denver Nuggets

Fact: Jazz players are far better people than any of the Denver Nuggets. Here's proof.

Kirilenko's Kids

Korver in Africa

Deron allowing Doug Collins to wear his Gold Medal as a tribute to the 1972 medal boycott

Freebie from wife + Ashton look-a-like + 2 Gold Medal winners = Your Classy Utah Jazz

Claim #2. Denver fans think they have a better skyline than Salt Lake City.


Fact: This is true. And with that skyline comes a higher crime rate, increased reports of STD's, and more pollution. You can keep your superior skyline.

Salt Lake City

Claim #3. McNugget fans believe that 2 Nuggets fans can come into the ESA and cheer louder than all the Jazz fans combined. Those Denver fans know how to support their team.

Fact: This was when I realized that Denver fans have too much beer at their fingertips. Do a simple Google search of "loudest NBA arena". This is the first result to populate.

And here is another random post from a group of NBA fans talking about the loudest arena in the NBA. I don't exactly see The Pepsi Center in any of those lists.

Note from the Blogger:
Personal Experience: January 2007 my wife and I made a trip to Denver to watch the Jazz play the McNuggets.

I can tell you first hand, the Pepsi Center crowd was too drunk to realize a basketball game was going on. Although we were impressed at the number of fans who adorned themselves in Nugget blue. That was impressive. However as the Jazz took a 20+ point lead in the game, the crowd was more interested in frat boy drinking games and playing "What Nugget dancer has carried the most STD's at one time". Exciting games for fans to play, but overall it was a less than exciting arena. We didn't even get heckled for being decked out in Jazz gear. Maybe our Jazz attire needed to be written in Spanish for anyone to read it.

Claim #4: Denver is a superior sports city.

Fact: This too is true. Denver has NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and these guys.

Claim #5: Utah mountains are inferior to Colorado mountains.

Fact: 2002 Olympic Winter Games. Greatest Snow on Earth. Brigham Young passed through Denver without saying "This is the place".

So there you go. Perhaps we're a little biased (we certainly don't think so). We'll leave it up to you to decide which city you'd rather call home. But remember, if you live in Denver you're more likely to be hit by a drunk driver. You're also more likely to be standing in line at a horrible airport. You're also more likely to be mugged, raped, get addicted to meth and find yourself living on moldy Big Mac buns from a McDonald's dumpster. I'm just sayin'.

Go Jazz!
Go Salt Lake City!


Kayce said...

First you say we have crappy guys on our team then give the fans crap for wanting new ones. We care more about how the team name represents our city than the players on it. We take pride in our city/state and the team names represent that. I'm glad you guys can find a name that fits what you are most proud of in your state. Can anyone say Real Salt Lake? Go Spanish Royalty! The only team that really has anything to do with Utah (other than the buzz/stingers/hornets/bees and you guys say you can't change team names) is the Grizzlies and you basically got Denver's leftovers on that one. We were too good of fans for them and you ruined them and turned them into an ECHL team. See if we give you anything ever again.

Also, two words for you. John Amaechi. Oh and please, West Valley is the meth capital of the world, and if you take Boulder out of the mix that rape rate is probably lower than Provo. (Center Street is sketchy!!)

I'm glad those fans showed up 2 hours early for the game. The players aren't even out there for their pre-pre-game warm up drills. I guess they didn't realize that Denver is way more entertaining than the Gateway.

Our players are helping their communities too, haven't you ever heard of "Don't be a Snitch?" (*shaking my head*)

And I'm sorry, but any team that needs thunder sticks, and a cheap owner (who made the whatever-the-crap it's-called-now arena the worst venue ever to go to a concert, thanks for ruining Van Halen for me) to be the loudest NBA team in the league does not deserve the title.

Oh and the story about 2 fans being louder than the whole arena is true, in fact Rodney White was sitting on the bench clapping with our cheers. And the only time the arena cheered was when we were being escorted out to the concourse for having "insulting" signs. The entire arena, with their jerseys that looked like they came from cereal boxes, knew we were there, and we didn't even need the lamest fan give away in the history of sports.

I do have a dirty secret, I lived in Utah for nearly 7 years (so glad to be out, but go Cougars!) and don't get me wrong there are some beautiful areas, but it sure goes to waste when the city has a brown cloud over it most of the year. Thank you inversion for making me sick 5 times a year. Oh and get your history right. Brigham Young went through Wyoming because the mountains here were too massive to cross. And not to mention I'm pretty sure it was their goal to find the only place that no one would want to visit so they wouldn't be persecuted (hence the migration into Idaho too).

"Freebie from wife + Ashton look-a-like...= Your Classy Utah Jazz" I don't think Webster could have defined class any better. Stay classy SLC. I'll concede that the 15 classiest guys in the world live in SLC, but it's certainly not anyone that plays for the Jazz.

Oh and C.B. like everyone else in Denver I have quite a bit of knowledge in areas other than basketball and so I just can't decide which expertise to focus my blog on. Although maybe I will start a Denver sports blog because we just have too many sports to talk about.

This is fun! Keep it coming and I'll keep throwing it back!!!! I've got years of dirt on Utah that I'm still coughing up from my lungs.

UofTOrange said...

As an impartial bystander, both of these rants are pretty good.

C.B. Jack said...


Don't you dare bring MLS into this site. That's blasphemy.

-John Amaechi would have had to PLAY in order to be considered a Jazz player.
-So you're admitting that even Brigham Young detoured around Denver because he thought Wyoming would be a better option? Damn, you just served yourself.
-I looked at your blog and as difficult as it is to admit, we have a few things in common. That is why I'm trying to be as nice as I can about this whole thing.
-You have a dirty little secret, or you are a dirty little secret? I should have pegged you as a Zoobie. So you're saying after 7 years in the Fertile Happy Valley you still didn't get hitched? Houston, we have a problem.

0 Denver
.5 Houston (Thanks to Dream Shake)

Hammy said...

I have only been to Denver once and after I drove for 75 minutes from the airport that might as well be in Kansas I had seen enough. You can not ever compare the mountains of Denver with the mountains of Salt Lake because you can not even see the mountains of Denver, they dont exist. I took another 2 hour drive to get even remotely close to them. I think the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas sum up the argument best as he was looking over the rolling plains of western Kansas that is known to the rest of the world as Denver, "That John Denver is full sh!t man." Stop claiming to be a rocky mountain town Denver, you are mid-west plains city and might as well be called Houston north.

Mr. Jordan E. Harris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr. Jordan E. Harris said...

People blindly defend the Jazz because they don't have anything else in the state to be proud of. The only thing worth cheering for this year is BYU Football and most Utah residents claim to hate the "zoobies" in an attempt to be edgy anyway they can.

The point is the Jazz and the Nuggets have the same number of championships. 0. I'm glad you have enjoyed your 6 extra games a year while you lose to the same team the Nuggets lose to in the playoffs. You had your chance, you blew it. John Stockton isn't coming back, and Karl Malone left you for a more appealing team.

C.B. Jack- I can't believe you just said that someone "served" herself. I think there are bunch of 13 year old girls that would love to chat with you in your native tongue. In fact, call Karl Malone. He likes to sleep with 13 year old girls. I'm sure he could give you some numbers.

Utah sucks. You know it, I know, everyone knows it. You can try to defend it but you will always come back to lame reasons. Keep grabbing pictures to make your claim that Utah is more pleasing to the eye.

The moutains sure are great, when you can see them through the pollution. Then you can really take in the yellow dead shrubbery and rocks! If you are in the mood for a real rocking time you can head up to the only Mountain town in Utah Park City!

Love those mountain towns! I guess for my money I will keep Breckenridge:

Steamboat Springs:

and Glennwood

but I guess some people like it brown and desolate. Utah can always fill that need for them.

Utah, let's make a deal. You can be our little brother. We will show you what it means to be a sports fan. We can show you what it feels like to support 7 professional teams.

We can show you all about how to properly name a sports team. We can help you get rid of that silly Jazz name that somehow made you feel compelled to name other teams with a "zz" in their name.

In exchange you can cheer for our sports teams. Out of the sake of fairness, you don't have to cheer for the Nuggets, but it won't matter because neither the Jazz or the Nuggets are winning anything anytime soon. When we win another championship you can cheer with us. You can buy a champions t-shirt and you can buy the commemorative DVD's and no one on the right side of the Rockies will say a thing.

Maybe then you can see how much better it feels to reminisce about the days when you won championships instead of the days of the pick and roll and when you ALMOST won something that matters.

Until you accept the offer, you can keep you weak skyline and city with nothing to do. I will be busy enjoying REAL mountain towns, a downtown with something to do, and my Broncos/Avalanche Championship DVD's.

Oh yeah and I will keep our skyline too!

(If you accept the deal to be our little brother you can go back to using it in your logos. Everyone knows it looked better that way)

Denver is better than Utah in every way. The Olympics? We had them in ’78. We said no thanks, we like things the way they are. Are you so glad that Olympics came to Utah? I mean think of all the benefits. All the ice rinks they built (that are now vacant and used for Broomball). Think of the improvements on the ski resorts (that now cost $900 to get a season pass). Well there was the ski jump right? Yeah, you got the ski jump. Nice job. Ever since the Olympics Salt Lake has been attracting WORLD CLASS acts right? Because you proved you ready for the big stage right? Wait, what? AC/DC decided to skip Utah on their tour this year? Van Halen skipped you? The X-Games don’t flock to Utah? Huh.

That’s cool, you can come check out all the events in Colorado. We can go to Red Rocks and enjoy a few shows.

You can try to compare Utah to Colorado, but you are only going to end up on the bottom of the comparison. Colorado takes care of the people who live there. I will enjoy my $250 season pass to three mountains, because I’m local. I will enjoy (novel concept coming up) plenty green space IN THE CITY, because I’m local. I will be at a sporting event every week, because I’m local. I will have something to do on the weekends, because hey, I’m local.

Enjoy your basketball season. It’s going to have to get you everything else that sucks in Utah.

Kayce said...

I would rather catch me a real man instead of a Jazz fan. And I really didn't want to risk raising my kids in the high-quality Utah public school districts. Clearly, they don't teach you how to read very well. Try again on analyzing my Brigham Young point. And please I've had to repeat myself millions of times to Utahns, DIA isn't Denver, and driving through doesn't give you authority to judge Denver. Hammy, I'm so glad you share the opinion of a character that was written to be that stupid.

John Amaechi is as valid a point as your gay hockey league shot that no one knows about and you only discovered by maturely googling "Gay Denver Sports".

I would like to say we have a lot in common but I'm a little tired of certain types of Utahns giving Mormons a bad name. I don't quite know if you're one of those yet, but some of your comments are certainly showing some of your colors. Trying to use personal cheap shots is not being nice.

Mr. Jordan E. Harris said...

See, it's just THAT easy

C.B. Jack said...

Kayce meet Mr. Jordan E. Harris.

Mr. Jordan E. Harris, meet Kayce.

You two should go really well together talking about how Bronco has rekindled the "Glory Days" and asking yourselves how you never saw each other while working at the Cougar Creamery. Perhaps Kayce was hiding behind a double scoop the whole time?

How on earth did you two not find each other while drowning away your misery at the Provo club "We're in our late 20's and still single in Happy Valley...Something must be wrong with us" while sipping on RedBulls and dreaming about the glory days in Littleton and Colorado Springs?

Kayce. Don't bring religion into this blog. We don't and we don't expect our "readers" to do it either.

Mr. Jordan E. Harris made some valid points in his comment. Well written, but guess what. Denver still sucks. I don't care if you think your cooler, more tree hugging, more Subaru friendly or whatever, you still suck. You sucked yesterday, you suck as of me writing this comment, and you will suck when the Nuggets miss the playoffs this year.

Yes I am proud of our 6 games more a year we get than the Nuggets. Please also note that this blog is dedicated to the NBA and the Utah Jazz. Any other sports you want to pump up and root for have no bearing here. I hate hockey and baseball. So your point falls on deaf ears.

My point is this, we can agree to disagree that Denver sucks and Salt Lake is a great place to live and do business. I love this debate because we both truly think we are right.

So let's put it all back on our NBA teams and let them do the talking. Sound good? If Utah wins the season opener, Kayce and Mr. Harris will write 200 word paragraph on how they liked Salt Lake City, if Denver wins, I will do the same.

Let me know.

Go (Stockton and Malone-less) Jazz!

Scrumtrulescent said...

all of your comments are entirely too long.

One thing I managed to read was someone saying that there's a lot of pollution in Utah. Umm....what? I wonder if this person has ever spent any significant time in SLC.

I've only been to the airport in Denver but one thing I can say is that it's nice to see mountains in every direction rather than just to the west and flat barren nothingness to the east. ZING!

Mr. Jordan E. Harris said...

Pollution? Seriously? That is the one point you cannot argue. It's gross and has one of the worst air qualities in the U.S. during the inversion.

C.B. we have met. We are siblings. Makes more sense now huh?

You're on with your deal.

Scrumtrulescent, You have barren mountains all around you. I will take my luscious full Rocky Mountains to one side to your crap mountains all around.

For all the hate for the SLC I will admit this. I really like Deron Williams. Classy guy, and great player. That's where the love ends though. I will still put my money on the Nuggs, and I will put my "money" where my mouth is. If we win, you write your essay about Denver, Utah wins, I write mine.

Scrumtrulescent said...

You make it sound like SLC is as bad as LA. Not so. Yeah, the inversion sucks, but that is about 10 days of the year. Take Wasatch Drive in April, it's actually quite cool to see the whole valley.

And I'm pretty sure they're the same Rocky Mountains.

You're all taking this way too seriously.

Mr. Jordan E. Harris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr. Jordan E. Harris said...

Nope, it's not the same in the Rocky Mountains. Sorry. Unless you are talking about the very northeast corner of Utah which I assume you are not.

Also, I'm never serious. Unless we are talking about snitching. Then I'm dead serious.

Mr. Jordan E. Harris said...

Also, one more comment. Sorry if it's blowing up your RSS.

I really like your blog. You have inspired me. I will start my Denver Sports blog. I can't dedicate it to the Nuggets alone, the Broncos and Avalanche would feel too left out, but I will make sure to keep the Nuggets high on the list of articles.

I will link your blog. Gotta love the friendly Rivalry!

Booner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Booner said...

What is inversion anyway?

Great Post C.B. Way to light the rivalry fire. I feel bad I wasn't caught in the middle of it but this damn economy has me taking things way too serious...(Kayce and I both)

My favorite thing in all of this is the blinders Denver has on while we continue to own the division... yet they always carry themselves like we are their little bitches. Start winning the division then you can throw the inversion, mountains, population, etc. into the conversation. "We can't beat you but at least we don't have a horrible public school system like SLC does." Please. Enough with the political crap. You can post your comments regarding that at

Go Jazz

Kayce said...

First of all let's give credit where credit is due. C.B. did not start the rivalry fire. I did. I sent the High School Musical video to Nugg Doctor and he posted it for the readers of this blog. I've been trying for years to get this rivalry blown up, and I think we might be closer to it.

The only reason why the this has gotten into a discussion of why Denver is so much better is because for some reason the Jazz web designers didn't think their skyline was good enough for their website so they stole ours.

And the school system remarks were in response to a personal attack on my marital status, which he was somehow able to deduce when I haven't mentioned it in any of my blog posts, but couldn't even figure out that Jordan and I know each other let alone we were related.

My favorite radio commercial I heard the entire time I was out in Utah was one on KSL that said, "Hey Wyoming. Yeah Colorado. Utah is so boring." The whole point of the commercial was to show that Utah wasn't boring because they had the nightside project.

High five Wyoming!

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