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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jazz Announce New Variable Ticket Pricing Plans

Here's the deal, there are now 3 possible prices for a game ticket:
  1. Regular individual game price - Face value ticket from box office or 355-DUNK or whatever.
  2. Season ticket holder price - Discounted price because you're probably already spending 2 grand. Upper bowl season tickets have been half price for a couple seasons now I think.
  3. The all new Premium Price - The press release doesn't say exactly what this means, but it doesn't take a marketing degree to realize this means HIGHER PRICE.
There are currently 10 games designated PREMIUM PRICE games: November 28 vs. Sacramento; November 29 vs. New Jersey; December 3 vs. Miami; December 26 vs. Dallas; January 24 vs. Cleveland; February 11 vs. L.A. Lakers; February 19 vs. Boston; February 21 vs. New Orleans; March 6 vs. Denver and March 28 vs. Phoenix.

Lakers, Cavs, Celtics, Hornets, etc....yeah these are going to be expensive tickets. Just one more way the NBA can shut out the regular guy!
Jazz senior vice president of sales and marketing, Jim Olson, commented that "for some time there has been a growing trend in professional sports toward variable pricing," and that "This move creates additional resources that allow
us to deal with the ever increasing costs of operating a professional
sports franchise. We also continue to look for more ways to add value
and recognize our longtime season ticket holders and reward them for
their financial commitment to the organization." Here's the translation: "Everyone else is already doing it and it's going to make us a lot of money, especially from people we're already fleecing." Yay capitalism!


Booner said...

Here's a tip to save money: Rather than pay Player "A" 16 Million. Pay him 15.5 Million. That will save a bit. Thanks NBA. Now the only way I am going to a good, quality game is if I can walk on to a Junior Jazz Team. (Anyone up for starting a True Blue Jazz Team?)

Booner said...
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UofTOrange said...

Dammit, I demand respect!!! The Rockets games this year better be at a premium!!!

And the Kings? The Nets? The Heat? Really? Those games are premium??? I guess 2 of them are Thanksgiving weekend but the other one is just a normal day. Is DWade that big of a draw?

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