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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Reality is Setting In

Wasn't there a #5 that used to hang with these guys?

"Utah Sucks! Utah Sucks." That was the sound coming from the Staples Center Crowd with three minutes to go in last nights Game Two loss to the Lakers. A frustrating end to a frustrating game. Similar to Game One, the Jazz played from behind nearly the entire game, only leading 13-12 in the first quarter. The Jazz were out-played and out-hustled by the dominating Lakers.
The Jazz-Homer inside of me wants to complain about the free throw discrepancy. (13-16 for Utah 35-43 for L.A.) I'm not going to though. I could go on a ten minute rant about how easy it was for Kobe and Gasol to get a foul called. (Throw your arms around and scream and chances are you are going to get a whistle.)
I could just as easily go on about how frustrating it is to watch Boozer struggle night in and night out. Are you hurt Boozer? Just in a slump? Or does L.A.'s size intimidate you that much?
When all is said and done, the Lakers are a better team. That's all it is. I want the Jazz to win, I want to think they can come back from a 2 game deficit. In reality, however, the Lakers are the #1 seed for a reason and you cannot argue that. They are bigger, faster and collectively speaking, they seem to want it more.
Don't get me wrong Jazz-fans. I am not selling out. I would not do that. You better believe I will be True-Blue tomorrow night and every night the Jazz play. In fact, I hope I eat my words and a miracle does take place. Hey, like C.B. mentioned to me last night. We were down 0-2 to Houston last year and pulled it off. I'm simply trying to convince myself that it is not a huge upset if the Lakers beat us. They are supposed to. Let's just don't go down easy.
So, to the Spoiled L.A. Fans, cheering for their All-Star Team and screaming and yelling "Utah Sucks, Utah Sucks." That's fine, go right ahead. I would not expect any less of you. But to all of the Jazz fans at the E.S.A. tomorrow night or sitting in their living rooms, let's give 'em hell!


The Machine said...

At least Jazz fan isn't like Suns fan against the Spurs, saying that the better team lost.

Anonymous said...

Sell out.

I don't want to read the sad truth at Our Utah Jazz. :(

Anonymous said...

As a Laker fan let me say that I think the Jazz (so far) are a classy organization (I know it looks bad now, but letting Fish go was an incredible act of decency in a business that is anythng but.) and a classy team. They play hard. They foul ( a lot) but aren't dirty. They don't yap. They just play. If the Lakers don't win it - I'll be rooting for the Jazz.

I don't think this series is over. The Jazz won the last three quarters by 5. I think Deron figured out that he can torch Fish, just a little too late. I'm sure he will come out firing next game. We'll see if it is enough. If the Lakers can get one in Utah, then I am pretty sure it is over - but if not, anything can happen in a three game series.

Looking forward to the next one,


Ron Boone said...

I agree with you VoR. If L.A. takes one in Utah it is over.
I think D-Will gets burned out when no one else is playing hard so it wears on him. Plus, D-Fish hitting every freaking shot he took didn't help either. However, I think he will go at Fish that hard all night least I hope he does.

P.S. Thanks for the compliment about the organization. No, it doesn't always equal wins, but the way Sloan controls his guys is outstanding. Rarely someone pumping their chest or complaining up and down the court. Just go out and play.

pslakerfan said...

"If any Laker other than Kobe, Pau or Odom averages more than 13 ppg, I'll eat my shirt."

This one is for you Scrum,

Kobe 36 ppg
Pau 19 ppg
Odom 17.5 ppg
D-Fish 13.5 ppg
Vujacic 13.5 ppg

I know the series is not over I am just saying buy some ketchup....

grungedave said...

Hey, CB, maybe if Sloan didn't coach his team to hack the opposition on every single possession, the Lakers wouldn't have a +27 FT margin. But he does, so they do...

grungedave said...

check that, I meant to say "hey, Ron,"

Elle said...

I agree that the Jazz are a classy organization, we have them to thank for returning Fisher to us, he never should have left, Los Angeles is where he belongs. It is a shame Jazz fans are not as classy as the Jazz organization. I still can't believe they actually booed Fisher, what the heck is wrong with some of you? The guy left only because his child was sick with cancer and yet you still booed him as tho he had sold the Jazz out. Let's not even talk about throwing stuff onto the court, that's just stupid and low behavior, which further proves my point, Jazz fans don’t know the definition of “classy” and some of them are pretty dumb too.

pslakerfan said...

I have been giving you guys a lot of crap, so I will throw you a few bones.

1. Deron Williams is a great player, he is the only Jazz player right now that is putting forth the effort that is needed to win this series. I would probable take him over CP3 right now. Seriously.

2. Just watched TNT broadcast today (I was at the game) and the commentators are doing everything but giving BJ's to the Laker players, organization, etc... Not very balanced reporting in my opinion....This probable adds to the hatred that other teams fans seem to have for the Lakers....

Anonymous said...

I think the Utah Jazz is a great NBA team. They epitomize TEAM work. They are one of the most well disciplined teams too. And what they did in releasing Fisher was so damn classy. You have to honor and respect them.

But I've been disappointed in Utah fans. I hate how they treat a man who was prepared to give up everything for his daughter. And even more disappointing the rewriting of facts to insult his honor is disgusting to the rest of us NBA fans.

I am not here to condemn anyone. No. Really. Actually I'm here to beg. The Utah organization is damn honorable when it chooses a little girl's eyes over basketball. And that goes for it's fans. And I want a game where you cheer for both sides. Where both teams in a playoff game show MAGNIFICENCE!

And maybe there is some karma there too. Afterall, Fisher could have stayed in New York after his daughter's operation, but instead, tired he dragged himself on a plane to honor his responsibilities to the Jazz and gave that incredible performance. Then over the summer, he gives up being a leader on a great team to become at best a fourth or fifth option on a 50-50 team in turmoil that has been killed in every playoffs for the last four years. A horrible team at that time.

But maybe that sacrifice has earned him alot of Karma.

So maybe, by letting go of the Fisher-hate in Utah, there will be some good Karma in Utah too.

pslakerfan said...

As a Laker fan I have to disagree, I hope the Jazz fans are relentless in their booing of D-Fish. And you all know why. One word "mamba".

Of course as a human I have to agree with the post above....

Amazing_happens said...

I would never chant "Utah sucks".

The Jazz are a quality team.

It stinks that they couldn't have faced the Hornets in the second round so that they could show the country how good they are.

Jeff from LA said...

As a Laker fan, I've always had a great deal of respect for the Utah Jazz. I was a huge fan of the Malone-Stockton teams and I appreciate the discipline that Jerry Sloan is able to consistently maintain on his team. He is one of the NBA's greatest coaches and rarely gets the respect he deserves.

You guys play the right way and have a very classy team. Those Laker fans chanting "Utah sucks" or gloating over our current lead are nothing more than bandwagoners. True Laker fans would never do such a thing.

Ron Boone said...

First of all, don't judge every Jazz fan for the booing of Fisher. As we have said before, the booing of Fish was not Jazz fans booing his decission to put his daugther first. If people were booing because of that, then shame on them. Family is far more important than basketball. The booing came because every Jazz fan felt he bailed on us. We felt like he wanted out so he got out. Only in professional sports can you walk away from a contract. Fisher also left us and went straight to the enemy. Most Jazz fans felt like they were robbed. Fisher was a great leader and gave our team life when we needed it the most. He tore our hearts out when he left and we felt like he got out way too easy. You have to be out of your mind to think any human would boo another human for putting his family first. That is not what they were doing. Fans cheer and fans boo. L.A. fans chant "Utah Sucks." As fans were chanting "Utah Sucks" do you think those fans were taking into consideration what Boozer had gone through with his child? No, they were booing because the hate the Jazz. Oh well, who cares. Jazz fans were bitter at Fisher for leaving so quickly and they acted on emotions. I guarantee you will not find one Jazz fan that would not wish the best for Fishers family. Get over it L.A.

Ron Boone said...

Good to know there are some quality Laker fans out there. My Dad, yes, he is a long-time Laker fan, would be proud.
(In a Utah Jazz world I'm pretty much Luke Skywalker.)

Amazing_Happens said...

Same thing goes for those buffoons chanting "D-U-I" at Carmelo Anthony.

What can you do but shake your head?

It's all a little silly. Come summer those fans will be chanting "U-S-A" for Anthony.

grungedave said...

I would never chant "Utah sucks"

... I would. And have. And will again. ;-)

Jazz in '08 said...

Oh ye of little faith... what a sell out story posted on the front page of a jazz blog. Please remember what we're made of: AK 47, Memo, Secret Agent Man, Paul Wall Millsap, and the God himself Coach Sloan. These guys are all metaphors of Utah: hard working, blue collared, unsung heroes. I am a Utah fan living in So. Cal and rep my Memo Jersey in public every chance i get, and will defend Utah's honor no matter what. So please refrain from posting these whiny ass stories on our own sites. I can't help but imagine you seated in the lower bowl at EAS being seen, rather than in up in the trenches cheering your head off with blind faith that that Jazz will do what they always do, win with heart!

K-wonder said...

What a heartwarming set of comments. Even the insults are backhanded compliments.

Brandt said...

"Then over the summer, he gives up being a leader on a great team to become at best a fourth or fifth option on a 50-50 team in turmoil that has been killed in every playoffs for the last four years. A horrible team at that time." - to whoever wrote this... humble yourself. Derek Fisher last year AT best was a #5 option. Yes, a good mentor, but NEVER "the leader". And, backing this up, if Fisher really had to be where he could take care of his daughter (correct me if I am wrong, He STILL goes to the doctor in NY, that's farther than Utah) then why did he go to LA? He doesn't use the doctor there. He is playing out of his freaking mind for LA in this series.....

UtesFan89 said...

Personally, I booed Fisher the Laker, not Fisher the person.
There's nothing wrong with him leaving Utah to take care of his daughter. I would've done the same thing in a similar situation.

I booed because he's not on the Jazz anymore. Very rarely will you see me sit and cheer for anyone on an opposing team. Anyone.

Actually, I didn't boo... I don't even think I watched that game.

Booing Fisher the person is just plain stupid, and makes one out to be heartless.
Booing Fisher the Laker just means that you are a fan that wants your team to win.

At least that's how I see it.

Ron Boone said...

Hey jazz in '08. Chill out Pal. First of all its the ESA not the EAS. I may be a little negative/dramatic but I am no sell out. I love your enthusiasm but don't show up one time and start calling us Jazz Bloggers out.