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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Calling out all Jazz fans...

(CB Jack posting while listening to the Braveheart soundtrack)

Jazz fans, please play the file below while reading this post.

We are heading straight for the enemy. There is no other way to face the battle that will ensue in the coming weeks. Children, women, men, anyone who can type must be given a computer and access to My Utah Jazz. Our enemy is big. I dare call them the biggest fan base in the entire NBA. We will be outnumbered. We will be belittled. We will be made fun of. But does it matter? No. We are Jazz fans.

We are the most fierce, vicious, fanatic fan base in the entire NBA. We are the 6th man to our team. We are an extension of the players we see on the court. That means we must put our views of Sloan, AK, and CJ Miles aside. We must unite as one. All Jazz bloggers, commenters and readers must come together and defend our boys in Blue. We knew the path to the Larry O'Brien trophy wouldn't be an easy one. Especially out west. But the 2nd round will present the toughest opponent out there. We cannot go down without a fight.

The anonymous Lakers fans will come and go. Kobe will change his number again and again. 200 more coaching changes can come and go. But what will remain? Our faithfulness to our team will remain. The Utah Jazz having the best homecourt advantage in the NBA will remain. The Utah Jazz having the smallest, most united fan base in the NBA will remain.

There was something I have been hiding up my sleeve. Something I didn't want to have to pull out until the NBA Finals. But with the current circumstances, I have no choice...

My Utah Jazz will be put on the back burner for a few weeks. The time has come for us to unite, and become OUR Utah Jazz. The name on the site has been changed. We will let the True Blue in each of us come out during this series. We will do whatever it takes to defend D-Will, Boozer, and the rest of our warriors on every Lakers Blog, every LA newspaper. We will push the Utah Jazz to victory. So bring on the "Mamba", bring on "In Pau We Trust", and bring on Phil and his rings.

We are Our Utah Jazz. We will not be silenced. We will not lose.

One Team. OUR Dream.


Danielle said...

WOW. I'm so motivated right now, hopefully the boys will be too when they read this. That was amazing. CB, they should hire you to do the intro on the Jazz homepage.

Anonymous said...

Props from a Laker fan on your name change. Why did it take so long???

Anonymous said...

I admire your patriotism and your coach. I will never understand why your crowd turned on Derek Fisher. I hope your expectations aren't too high.

All games will be VERY close, but the Lakers will win in 4. Let the games begin!!

- Miguelinho

(also too lazy to create an account here & fully expect any response to link my laziness to the perceived lackadaisical nature of Laker fans and how they deserve to get beat by the Jazz... Still, it won't happen :)

Anonymous said...

I like how you copied the Laker blog on LAtimes and had a "Braveheart" picture too.


Anonymous said...

dude you beat me to the punch on the braveheart ripoff. nice call

UtesFan89 said...

So many anonymous comments. I guess you're gonna be figuring out how The Dream Shake felt during the first round very soon...

Love the post, by the way.

Scrumtrulescent said...

I'm giving up responding to anonymous comments.

All these fans are positing the exact same things, they never seem to have anything original to say or offer any particular insight.

I guess law school has ruined me. I've had the privilege of dealing with well-reasoned, evidence supported arguments, the lack of which is overwhelming on the comment section of any sports blog.

Scrumtrulescent said...

Just noticed that the LA Times Lakers blog linked to OUR Utah Jazz and suggested that they tell us why we're wrong. Guess that's why we're seeing the influx of random delusional fans.

pslakerfan said...


The reason we are here is that your "blogmaster" (is there a correct term for that?) wrote up an illogical, incorrect, and laughable preview of the series. I think the fact that there are Laker fans here kind of supports that. If we were all saying "You suck", "We're gonna kick your ass" etc. then I would agree with your assessment. The fact is that we are just responding to that thread. Would you rather that we just jump in and say something rude, and jump out? Or maybe you can't handle a little dose of reality.....

I forgot to mention Sasha Vujacic. Yeah, I know you are laughing about that one and I don't totally blame you, but hear me out. I guarantee someone on your team takes a swing at, elbow's, or clotheslines him at least once in the series. You will understand why after a few games. Kinda like Bruce Bowen without quite as much defensive talent.

pslakerfan said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The reason you notice so many Laker fans here is the lack of Jazz fans here. What is up with that??? Is there another, better Jazz blog, or is there just a lack of fans? Just curious.

C.B. Jack said...


We are a group of writers. No one "blog master".

Anything we would have written would have been "incorrect". In fact, by our writer Boozers Hammy saying Jazz in 6, you will consider us incorrect.

What do you expect going to an opposing teams blog? You want us to write how the Lakers are going to sweep us? That is "illogical" as you like to say.

You wanna come and bring smack? Bring it. We could honestly care less. Jazz fans are a small group. We are a tight nit group. There are 4 really good Jazz blogs. Feel free to cruise them all. You will find one thing. We are united.

I'm glad you're a Lakers fan. I'm glad I'm not one.

Talk all the trash you want. It's healthy. It makes sports fun.

Jazz in 6.

Oh, and welcome to Our Utah Jazz. Glad to have you.

We'll send you a D-Will jersey when we win the title. Courtesy of Our Utah Jazz.

Scrumtrulescent said...

"illogical, incorrect, and laughable"
simply because you don't agree with it?

This is a Utah Jazz blog, did you expect us to pick the Lakers? If you were to ask any reasonable Jazz fan I am sure they'd say there is a less than 50% chance they'll win the series. But it's not 0%

There have been several comments (on the previous post) that, to paraphrase, simply say: "Lakers in 4, you're gonna be cryin'" They "jump in and say something rude, and jump out"
Those comments are pointless and ignorant.

I love a spirited debate, but simply saying, "we're better" isn't a debate, it's an opinion.

I hate Vujacic for the same reason I hate Mike Miller and USED to hate Korver, SPOT UP THREES! And he's good at them. I worry about him going off for 7 or 8 in a 2 min stretch.

And just to be clear, I am not a contributor here, just a simple commenter and Jazz fan. My comments shouldn't be construed to represent the views of the blog.

C.B. Jack said...

We back Scrum 100%. His views can represent this blog any day of the week.

Scrumtrulescent said...

"The reason you notice so many Laker fans here is the lack of Jazz fans here." I highly doubt there's any correlation there. But I really don't know of many online Jazz fans. We do seem to have a tight-nit group online (I'd say there are 4 good Jazz blogs and about 3 other OK blogs). We just don't have as big a fan base, and a lot of fans were jaded by the "down" years, it may take another deep playoff run to get them back on the blogs and message boards

Scrumtrulescent said...

OH, and it's late on a Saturday. I would hope that people are out having fun and not staying at home pretending to study for finals...

Scrumtrulescent said...

Thanks CB Jack, I put that in there in case Bissinger was browsing more comments.

pslakerfan said...

Now that's what I am talking about!!!

I spew a little Laker venom and all of the sudden the Jazz fans come out. That is all I was asking for was a little activity.

Scrum, I agree with you that some people do "jump in and out rudely", I just meant that I am not one of them. My point about the incorrect, illogical thread is just that the match-ups were wrong. Of course with the triangle there are not really set match-ups anyway. The "laughable" part was just be being a Laker fan. Nobody's perfect.

By "blogmaster" I meant the guy that runs the blog, not necessarily the most frequent commenter.

On another note the Spurs sure took a dive in New Orleans tonight.

"We'll send you a D-Will jersey when we win the title. Courtesy of Our Utah Jazz." I assume you mean in about

You guys are more fun to talk to than the Laker blog anyway. How many different ways can you describe a sweep?????

Scrumtrulescent said...

There is somewhat of a weeding out process...

If any Laker other than Kobe, Pau or Odom averages more than 13 ppg, I'll eat my shirt.

The Hornets surprised me, but I'm glad. They're a better match-up for the Jazz in the conf. finals!

moneyman memo said...

CBJ - love the post, I was pumping my fist so hard I knocked a drink off the desk.

I knew the torrent of California Laker fans was going to find this blog sooner or later. I step away from the site for 24 hours and I miss all the drive-by anonymous flamers. Thanks for holding down the fort, Scrum/CBJ/B-hammy.

Let me give my opinion on just a few Laker players:

Fish - One of those guys you hate on the opposing team and love on your own. He is a very heady player that plays defense with one tactic in mind - draw calls (and by that I mean flop like his life depended on it). Believe me, Lakers fans - we experienced it firsthand last year when he got torched for 40+ by multiple SG's in the league. My biggest fear is that Deron gets in early foul trouble on the road, since Fisher folds like a cheap suit when there even appears to be contact.

Walton - Not much has been said about this guy, but I respect his ability as a crafty offensive player (draw the defense and pass to the open man) and his willingness to draw charges on defense. He could be a major factor off the bench in this series if the Jazz don't take him seriously.

Turiaf - Love to hate him, but would love to have him on our team as well. He played well in the last meeting between these two teams in Utah because he's not afraid to bang for offensive boards and he can make the bunnies around the basket. He's the counter to our Millsap, and I see him getting off the bench in this series over Mbenga.

Rad-Man - The Jazz have a history of not closing out on 3-point shooters, and Vlad-Rad also has the ability to put the ball on the floor. With that said, I am less concerned about him than I am about Walton because Vlad is afraid of physical play. CB Jack, your mission should be to lure him out on the Utah slopes as soon as they fly out for Game 3.

Gasol - This guy plays with a lot of heart, but I am not worried because we have a secret mind weapon. You see, Pau and his Spanish buddies felt pain and anguish of the deepest depths when they got shocked by Russia in the Euro Championship Finals this past summer. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, go here . Bottom line, AK-47 was a dynamo on both ends of the floor and led a motley-crew group to an improbable 1-point win in Madrid. The entire Spanish team was shocked to the core (I mean, just look at Pau in that photo). Given the way that Gasol plays with his emotions on his sleeve, the sight of Kirilenko might just send him tail-spinning back to misery in the form of sub-50% shooting at the foul line. Remember, the Jazz have not played the Lakers with Pau this year yet. Jazz-men, your mission is to foul him as hard as you can to send him to the line, and then we'll have AK-47 and maybe even Fesenko go whisper a few lines of Russian into his ear.

Ok, that should be enough for you Laker anonymous flamers to chew on.

Benjamin said...

Lakers fan here, from the same Lakers blog as the rest.

The main issue with your post was the discussion of Vlad the Snowboarder guarding Boozer. Vlad is not a power forward as a starter. In fact, he only plays the 4 in times of extreme personnel shortage. In describing the head to head match ups placing him as a 4, you look very ignorant. You also underestimate other players of ours, but you don't make outright mistakes in describing them as you did with Radmanovich.

pslakerfan is absolutely right about Sasha also known as "The Face." It's a wild card element to watch in the series that could make it more interesting. I suspect D-will will be the one to petulantly throw Sasha off with a forearm or elbow.

More than anything, I want to say that I respect your team and think this series should be a fun one to watch.

You're playing a real team now, not a crippled one missing it's second best player and third best player for many games that arguably wouldn't have made the playoffs with its current personnel.


I'd just as soon you not have my google info or openid info.

You can find me on the lakersblog posting as Benjamin, however.


P.S. If you guys should decide to come to our blog, please make well-reasoned points and avoid simply hating on the Lakers. That sort of approach has been attempted already and did not achieve anything worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Liked your post, Moneyman Memo.

Fans are fans. You love your team, sometimes irrationally. But this year, the Lakers are a really, really good team. We keep hearing how they're over rated, but we know, after having a really really crappy team past few years that they're not. Utah should be afraid. That said, let me say that Utah has some great weapons of their own and I know the series could be really close. So Utah, be irrationally in love with your team like we are with our team, but always be a fan of the game and appreciate that we're going to see some GREAT basketball!!!!!

Lakers in 6


Danielle said...

This is intense already. I feel like I should go buy full Jazz attire and wear it everday for the next week. So boys, today we must wear all of our lucky Jazz gear. OK?

Anonymous said...

Moneyman Memo: I looked at the picture of Gasol & AK47... I know what you're trying to say, but if you actually look at Gasol's eyes, I'm pretty sure there's more ANGER than ANGUISH. Anguish would bring memories of fear, but ANGER means he wants revenge ASAP.

Well guess what: "ASAP" is today. Good luck to Mr. Kalashnikov. The Lakers are not Team Spain, and Gasol WILL get his revenge.

- Miguelinho

Whistle said...

I can not stay silent as a jazz fan any longer. I hate everything about laker fan,Kobe,Fisher, and phill.
Why on earth would anyone every root for a team like that. You Laker fans are nothing but a bunch of bandwagoners. Us Jazz fans have had to deal with the kobe Bryant babysitting from officals. Derek Fisher herioc desicion to go to L.A. I hate the lakers and every thing they are. Jazz in 5


Anonymous said...

I'm a Lakers fan, but I'm very impressed with the Jazz fans' loyalty and passion for their team. No matter what happens, as a hoops fan, this will be a great series.

For what it's worth, I live in Provo, and won't really advertise my Lakers fan-dom =)

Ron Boone said...

I understand "anonymous #514", you should be embarrased to live in Utah and wear the Lakers Blue and Yellow/Gold. Hey, I was one of them until the Jazz sent two represenatives over to my house and showed me the truth!
Go Jazz! I look forward to the countless battles via blog with all of you spoiled Laker fans.
Great Post C.B. Way to rally the troops. Welcome back Whistle...and your password. We need this blog and it's bloggers at full strength to withstand the countless "anonymous" hits we will take from this Laker crew.
It starts today. Let's do it boys!

Neil said...

For the Lakers fan that is accusing us of coming from an easy series: Unbelievable! Are you kidding me? The team we just played comes with it every night and played the best defense I've ever seen against our super-efficient offense. This was the same team that won 22 games in a row.

Whereas your team just came from a "series" where an "All Star" on the opposing team admitted he quit in game 3! The Lakers (and fans) are in for a real eye-opener this series.

Welcome to the playoffs Lakers! Because the last four games you played were glorified practice sessions, NOT the playoffs.

C.B. Jack said...

CJ Miles is the worst player on the Jazz. I would rather us clone 5 Jason Sharts and play them than have CJ in the game for one more minute. That foul was absolutely the dumbest thing I have seen a professional basketball player do.

I don't even want him as a waterboy. I don't want him on the Flash. I don't even want him in the state.

Go back to Texas with the rest of the NBA losers CJ.


Neil said...

Radman can't guard AK. We need to keep posting him up. Gasol can't guard Boozer. Again, keep posting.

Scrumtrulescent said...

I vaguely remember someone talking about how Memo is not a rebounder and that Pau has a huge advantage. After 3 quarters: Memo 17 pts 15 rb; Pau 10 pts 8 rb

Scrumtrulescent said...

PHIL JACKSON COMPLAINING ABOUT OFFICIALS!!?? MY GOD! Kobe has shot 15 fts, but WE'RE getting favortism. What a horse's ass

Anonymous said...

I'm a Laker fan. That said, go ahead and tell us why our team's going to lose, and why us Laker fans suck. But please, do it intelligently. That whole "bandwagon fan" attack is so lame, that the only way to reply to it is with another lame attack. Like saying how the stands at every single Jazz home game looks like a Klan convention.

Anonymous said...

WOW! The Lakers wwere sooo lucky to win todays game...I dont know how they pulled it off, I mean considering it was an 8 on 5 game! If we can beat Utah with the 3 refs on their side imagine whats gonna happen when a game is called fairly?

Lakers in 5, IM OUT!

K-wonder said...

Wow. So many things to be pissed off about in that game, but here was the kicker for me: The Jazz get the lead down to 7, Tirico announces that we can cut it to 5 or 4 with a bucket, and Matt Harpring for some reason takes the next 4 shots (3 of them ill-advised jumpers) and misses them all. We came all the way back for THAT? I have never hated Harpring more, he will do absolutely no good for the team unless he is scrapping for rebounds and scoring only on 2 foot-putbacks.

Also: How about Kobe shooting more FTs than actual field goals? I'm not saying he wasn't fouled (on the majority), but that is ridiculous on the Jazz's part.

UtesFan89 said...

Agree with K-Wonder.
Also, bringing Booze in at the end was stupid. The lead was down to 4 with Booze on the bench, and he comes back in and commits yet another turnover before fouling out. Why bring him in when the team was finally playing well?

Danielle said...

Thanks to the supposed amazing jumpshots of Matty and KK we couldn't climb back all of the way. I really wish Deron would have taken over and started shooting the ball. They had a chance and blew it.

Anonymous said...


You're talking about Phil's courtside interview after the third quarter, right? I'm pretty sure Phil said the refs were inconsistent - not biased. We all know that sometimes, this is the same as accusing them of bias. But this time he was mostly saying that sometimes they'd call ticky-tack fouls and sometimes they'd let the game get very physical.

If you remember, the interview came right after Odom got smacked on the last play of the third. It was pretty obvious and even more so on the replay - that's why all of us Laker fans were booing. In the context of that play and some earlier fouls that were called which were much softer, Phil's comment had a lot of merit.

Now quit whining and enjoy your Utah Jazz for three more games this season :)

-- Miguelinho

Anonymous said...

I think the Jazz are a 'nice little team.' The big problem, they have no answer for a motivated Kobe, just like 90's Utah had no answer for #23. All the Utah players could do was foul him because he was running around them everytime down the court.

Maybe Utah should triple team him like Boston did against Joe Johnson?

Hmm... look for some Utah defensive adjustments on Kobe -- but that will even the rebounding up -- so will it work well enough to turn the tables?

Okur had the game of his life --- don't expect Pau to be so soft in game 2. This is gonna be a good series. Lakers in 6.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha...

and this was an off night for the lakers...

what more in games to come????

hope you utes fan still support your team win or lose like we fairweathered bandwagoner laker fans...

ha ha ha...

purple & gold baby!!!

ute 4 lakers movement!!!

Anonymous said...


toto are you sure where not in denver???

nuff said...

Anonymous said...


mountains, check!

ugly uni's, check!

cant withstand an onslaught in the first half, check!

cant finish down the stretch, check!

cant gaurd the mamba when everyone knows he'll have the ball, check!

man, this is DENVER!!!

pslakerfan said...

I had a lot of respect for your blog until I read the post from "whistle" Aside from the "homerbabble' what friggin language are you speaking. You write worse than my 2 year old daughter. Go to school, get a GED and then start posting again. Geez.....

ShaqFu said...

The Jazz seem to play without much heart - I wonder if its because they have to play for the shell of Jerry Sloan or if its from playing in a cow-town like Salt Lake City.

This is now "The Laterday Lakers Blog" for the next week or so.

Mark said...

If you can be encouraged in a loss I guess I will in this one. Memo was the only one who came to play. If the rest of the team would pull their frickin heads out this will be a good series. I would say cutting a 19 point lead to 4 is a good sign. Not saying we will win game 2 (wish I could,) but I do think it will be a MUCH closer game.

C.B. Jack said...

I am pretty sure the Jazz uni's don't have mountains on them.

ochox3 said...

I saw Braveheart.. Good movie..but William Wallace got his head chopped off at the end..that is exactly what will happen to the Jazz..put up a good fight but go down in 5...FREEEEDOOOO slice!

C.B. Jack said...