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Monday, November 3, 2008

Pre-Game Power Rankings Update

Looks like someone at USA Today decided to NOT sniff glue before updating his rankings:

USA Today: 5 (+8)
: 7 (+2)

Hoopsworld: 6 (+2) 5 (same)

Sports Illustrated: 7 (-1, Pistons and Raptors jumped ahead)

High: 5  Low: 7  Average: 6

1 comment:

Hammy said...

But Marc Stein is still smoking crack with the Jazz at 7. Seriously, having The Raptors and The Pistons ahead of the Jazz is pure craziness and until the Rockets prove they can beat the Jazz when it counts how do you justify putting them ahead of the Jazz? Oh, and the Jazz own the Hornets so I think we should be ahead of them also, but at least they have beaten Cleveland and Phoenix so that ranking is somewhat justified.