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Monday, November 3, 2008


32 min, 24 pts (15 straight in the 4th Q), 8-12 FGs, 8-8 FTs, 9 RBs, 2 asts, 1 blk

'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...


Cal Korver said...

Milsap>Bacon>Pony Rides>Baron Davis' beard>Baron Davis

Jessie said...

I have an idea. Millsap and Booz are about the same size, Paul is a little bit smaller but not really enough to make a huge difference, he goes to the hoop a hell of a lot stronger than Booz, why dont we let Booz go after his contract, and give Millsap the bigger contract? Even D-Will has said if Paul was given the chance, he would be a 20-10 guy, and he proved that last night. Just an idea.

Hammy said...

The only reason I would not fully endorse Millsap is because we dont know for sure that he can be a 20-10 guy over the course of a season. I hope that the Jazz can get him 25 minutes per night somehow so we can see if he can get a 15-7 in those minutes. That would be enough proof for me that given the extra minutes he could become a 20-10 guy.

At this point in my Jazz fandom I am not too excited about being a 4 seed and getting bounced in the 2nd round again. I need more than that and right now Boozer gives us that chance. If, and this is a big IF, Milsap can be 75% of Boozer offensively his superior defense would make up the rest and the Jazz would be OK to go in that direction.

C.B. Jack said...

what a performance. loving the comments. i still think boozer is the better option come big game time. impressive that he did it against camby and kaman...two legit defensive big men.

Hammy said...

I really dont know what was a more impressive play for Milsap, the spiner-ooski or the dunk on Kaman's head.

Booner said...

It has to be the "spinner-ooski" merely for the fact that anytime you have the phrase "ooski" involved, it has to be good.
Milsap is a mad man. The best part and you said it C.B. is that he did it against two guys who generally make Boozer wet himself (Kaman and Camby)
As far as the Boozer/Milsap discussion. That's tough. I want to believe Sap could take over but I'm with Hammy, I want to see what he can do with more minutes. For now though, I'll enjoy having both of them.

P.S. Hey C.B. The Brevin Knight jersey was $60 bucks. You can pay me when you come over tonight.

RRR said...

I hope Milsap earns a massive cash bonus for the year!

But keep em both in, imagine Boozer handing all a defender can take, leaves for a rest, Milsap comes in and destroys the man!

Run them together and watch a full fledged meat grinder on hardwood! Should be most effective against Shaq and Yao.

"ooski's" have meaning!

Super game, well super 4q, :)

Sober as Hot Rod said...

I love seeing Milsap do well. Ever since I eye witnessed his amazingness in the Spectrum of Utah State, I've loved his game. I don't think he can replace boozer, but for what he is making this year he has to be one of the greatest bargains in the NBA.

Jessie said...

I totally agree, I think Millsap needs more minutes to prove his case more, with the 20-10 discussion, but having both Booz and Millsap in their contract years, I dont think there is any way to keep both, and lord knows what they are going to do with Booz, and I just cringe at the thought of losing Millsap when he can be that good. Not the same as "little brother", he actually has shown talent/potential. Haha. But really, I do believe in Millsap, and I know Booz will want a max contract, and I dont think he warrants one, and there is some team out there that will give it to him.