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Monday, November 10, 2008

How do you say "Damnit" in Turkish?

Do you want to see how the Jazz will look next year with only one big guy? Watch these next four games while Memo goes home to Turkey. This could turn out being a bad road trip with both D-Will and Memo being out. Lets see if Milsap can earn his paycheck for next year and the Boooze can be a super-duper star for a few games.

On a more serious note, I hope everything is okay for Memo and his family. I love that the Jazz as an organization allow their players to be family men first and basketball players second. I hope they all realize how important that is. Hurry back Memo.


Basketball John said...

lanet etmek!

Matt said...

This could get ugly.

Like last year, the Jazz may start the season with a sub-par record which may cost them home-court in the playoffs.

Hammy said...

Love the knowledge B-Ball John!! Now, how do you say Kobe is a Dill-Hole in Turkish?

If the Jazz can somehow split the remaining 4 games on this road trip I for one would deem it a roaring success all thing considered.

Anonymous said...

damn it == kahretsin (kuah rat sen)