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Monday, November 10, 2008

3rd Edition Blogger Power Rankings - At The Hive

Hello Blog fans. The NBA Blogosphere is back again with another edition of the Blogger Power Rankings.

This weeks rankings are being hosted by At The Hive. A great Hornets blog. (Sorry I just threw up a little in my mouth after I typed that.)

Please go visit them and drop some comments about why D-Will is better than CP3. They just don't seem to get it.

Here are CB Jacks rankings and comments.

Lakers          Week 3 and I am already bored of them being on top.
Celtics         Their young guys have attitude...I like it.
Jazz            Another let down at MSG. Will adding D-Will move this team higher in the rankings?
Raptors         SLEEPER ALERT SLEEPER ALERT. Celtics should be worried.
Cavaliers       Too bad the Kings men won't be able to put Lebron's hope of winning a
                championship in Cleveland back together again.

Hawks           Pinch me please. This can't be for real. No Josh Smith? Bring back the old Hawks.
Magic           The Man Child continues to dominate the east. This team is on fire.
Hornets         They'd be undefeated with Deron Williams...
Pistons         A.I. proving to the world that he is old.
Rockets The Dream (Shake) just turned into a nightmare.
Suns            I have nothing to say about the suns.
Knicks          D'Antoni may have awoken a sleeping giant.
Trail Blazers   ROYverated
Bucks           Not bad for a bunch of guys who pretty much suck.
Pacers          Granger is playing like he wants an All-Star bid.
Nuggets Chauncy will help....them become a 9 seed.
Kings           How much is Vegas losing now that they are winning?
Spurs           Parker will save the day! Wait...he what? Uh oh.
Grizzlies       Mayo is making a great case for R.O.Y.
Heat            Still WADEing with the bottom feeders
76ers           I told you so.
Bulls           Deng. These guys suck.
Mavericks       They don't deserve to be this low. But someone has to fill this spot.
Thunder         Almost put an amazing comeback together against the Jazz.
Nets            Train wreck.
Warriors        Thanks Monte. We owe you one.
Bobcats Felton got some revenge on Paul. Loved it.
Clippers                2nd best team in LA
T-wolves        Had my hopes up. Then flushed them down the toilet.
Wizards Agent 0? Not even 007 could save this team.


At the Hive said...

Hah, thanks for the humor CB Jack. Your comments were awesome, definitely made a long night of compiling the comments a lot easier..

Steven said...

MontA Ellis