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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Perfect Fathers Day Gift

Its no secret that I completey despise Kobe Bryant and the Lakers so to say that I am happy with how the Finals have unraveled would be an understatement. After the Game 4 collapse we can officially cross Kobe off of the greatest player on the earth and heir to MJ's throne debate. Would MJ ever let his team lose a lead like that in the second half at home? We saw the Jazz erase big leads the Lakers built in all 4 of their losses, but unfortunately could never close the deal. It actually makes me mad that the Jazz were so determined to foul Kobe every time he touched the ball and Carlos decided to be a second round pick for the playoffs or they could be here instead of the Lakers.

Anyway, the best thing for me today on Fathers day would be seeing the Lakers lose the finals on their home court as all those fake fans sat there actually a little happy that the season was over so they could get back to watching TMZ and re-runs of Beverly Hills 90210. Phil Jackson would complain in his post game interviews about the free throw disparity while forgetting that Kobe shot 100 free throws per game against the Jazz proving his hypocricy has no bounds. And then we would get to watch Kobe in his post game news conference complain about his teamates not being good enough and demanding a trade. There is an old saying, a zebra can not change his stripes and we are seeing that with Kobe right now.

- This is what a cheating front runner looks like right after he "Wets the Bed" -


Booner said...

Well, it wasn't in L.A. but at least Boston finished the Lakers off. It would have been priceless to see that same game played in L.A. Can you imagine the looks on the fans faces? Don't get me wrong, you beat us, but still, there is nothing I like seeing more than Kobe, Phil and the boys falling short....falling short by 39 points.

Hammy said...

One game too late, but still worth it.