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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who Has the Classless Fans?

Remember all that talk as the Jazz season was winding down about all the classless Jazz fans? Well, for the record, there are a few other organizations we could talk about as well. Don't get me wrong though, that guy throwing the chair was priceless. And where did that chair come from? Was that a wheely chair? What stadium has those? Was it Phil Jackson's custom chair? Will someone research that for me? I guess it would be nice though: You could just glide out into the hall and grab yourself some popcorn..... then glide right back. Course then there would be the downside: Your friends decide it will be funny to see if you can glide down the stairs or, I could totally see ol' C.B. and Whistle picking me up and then sliding me out onto the court only to delay the game etc. etc. The pros out-weigh the cons though. Anyway, nice work Lakers/Celtics Fans. Nice work.



Hammy said...

Was that at the Staples Center? If so, I am completely shocked that such an incident could happen there. All I heard for 2 strait weeks is how much class those fans had and now this. I just dont know what to believe in life anymore.

Booner said...

I love how they boo the Celtic fan as he walks away from hundreds/thousands of drunk Laker fans. Classy.

C.B. Jack said...

The Los Angeles Lakers.
Where ClusterF&@$ happens.

Booner said...

cluster what?

C.B. Jack said...
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Booner said...