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Thursday, June 26, 2008

All you need to know about Kosta Koufos

Do I get 1/2 a block for this?
(FYI - He's the white guy getting ready to flop)

I cant wait to hear how Hot Rod handles the first time this kid check into a game next season. This is what you can expect to hear:

Hot Rod: Entering the game for the first time this season, number 31 from Ohio State, wait I thought he was from Greece, mmmmmm Greek food, I like Baklava.

Producer yelling at Hot Rod in his ear: The game hot rod, the effing game!! How many martinis has this guy had already?

Hot Rod: Oh yeah, the basketball game, what was this kids name again? Kos, Kuse, Kusta, Kutsa, Costco....screw it I will just call him by his last name....damn that one is harder to pronounce....Kofo, Kufu, Kudos, Cujos....Can I just call him Baklava? Mmmmm, I like Greek food.

Back to the draft - One word sticks out about this pick: Whatever. For his upside he has been compared to Memo Okur (I thought we already had a guy like that) and for another comparison he has been compared to Darko Milicic. Great, that is all we need, another crappy big man on the roster. I guess we do need someone to replace Jarron Collins when he retires in 15 years.

From they list his strengths with stuff like this - He's tall, strong, can pass out of double teams ok and has good timing for blocking shots, but is not explosive enough to be a real good shot blocker. - Keep in mind these are the kids positive attributes. When the best part of your game is your size, well, at least you got that going for you.

Lets move onto the negatives from - Can be a disinterested defender at times. Lacks aggressiveness at times. Lacks lateral quickness. Can sometimes lose his confidence and then his game falls apart. Needs to be able to handle contact in the paint better. - This sounds an awful lot like our current big men, good job guys he should fit in nicely. Maybe he will turn out to be a lot like Memo. You know that he got super excited knowing that you don't have to play defense for the Jazz if you play Center of Power Forward.

The good news is that our D-League team is going to have two 7-footers to dominate the league next year, maybe I will get some season tickets to the Flash.


Booner said...

Quite possibly the least interested I have ever been in a NBA draft. Not sure what our Front Office was thinking. I know a lot of you will say "no, no, we don't need that." But I was kind of hoping for Chris Douglas Roberts or Mario Chalmers. If you are going to pick someone who isn't ready for the NBA you may as well pick somone who is a proven winner. Oh well like I said, I had written this draft off long ago. Now, it's time to sign D-Will and sit back and watch if any blockbuster trades happen. Chances of us ever seeing the three players we drafted playing in an acutal NBA regular season game? I say less than 8%.

Booner said...
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Booner said...

Sorry, I need to append my last comment with: "Chances of us ever seeing the three players we drafted playing in an acutal NBA regular season game WITH THE JAZZ? I say less than 8%."
Because we all know they will go play with the Sonics or Blazers and throw quadruple doubles on our ass.

Scrumtrulescent said...

I don't really follow college basketball so I don't know ANY of the players. A lot of "experts" compare his game to Memo and Dirk. Fine by me. But you're right, they chance of seeing him on the court next season are pretty slim (unless he plays in the Revue and dominates, then he might get some garbage time.)

Pick-n-Roll said...

I think we need to stay positive on this guy..For one is just another white guy.And so what if we drafted three. But I will be the first to buy drinks at next years BLOG party if this guy doesn't help the Jazz by the end of the season. The hours I have logged on this draft, even I should've kick my own ass(save the wife the trouble). One thing I picked up on, like all good shooters, he shoots with rhythm and great ball rotation.Look for Token Rook White Guy to get some mins...

Side note on Chalmers and CDR...Love their heart and will to win, but look for both to be D Leauger's for Life..